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Celebrities And Their Fight With Cancer

It is really good news that Yuvraj has recovered from cancer. He is just back from America where his treatment for the lung cancer was going on. He had a cancerous tumor just above the artery of his heart. Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases and thanks to God for Yuvraj, it was detected when it was only at its first stage. According to his father, signs were started showing up about two years before but he didnt take it seriously. He has a family with cancer history and therefore it was even more important for him to go for a regular checkup but he didnt. He went for it only six months back and was diagnosed with an early stage of cancer. We can say that ultimately, he was lucky that he got the check up done and got the treatment at right time, as many celebrities have died of cancer in the recent past.

There are some more celebrities who are fighting with or have defeated the cancer like Yuvraj. Michael Douglas, famous American actor and producer, who has won two Academy Awards and three Golden Globes, was diagnosed with an advance stage of cancer but now his treatment is over. Michael Hall, better known for his television hit, Dexter on Star World, was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. This type of cancer is curable and now after a successful treatment he is back to his acting career. Martina Navratilova, Czech American tennis player, described her first reaction to news when she was diagnosed of Breast Cancer as her Personal 9/11. Like Yuvraj they all got the check-ups done at right time and therefore got the treatment and survived. Yet we have a good number of celebrities who were not very lucky like these people and died of this fatal disease.

Steve Jobs, an American businessman, designer, inventor and co-founder of Apple Inc. died of respiratory arrest because of metastatic tumor in the year 2011. He was diagnosed with cancer in mid 2004 but he went for alternative treatments instead for removing the tumor immediately and also did not receive the chemotherapy. Jade Goody is another name who died of cancer recently. Jade Goody became a known name after her appearance in Channel 4 reality TV show Big Brother. She was accused of racist bullying against her housemate and Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the year 2008 and died one year later. Celebrities like Walt Disney and Jesse Owens also had died of lung cancer and there are many more names in the list.

Cancer is curable, only if it is diagnosed at its early stage. It can be treated by chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. But you are advised to go for a regular checkup and especially when you already have a family history for this disease. BCCI and the all Indian cricket and Yuvrajs fans are breathing a sigh of relief with the return of Yuvraj. We all are now hoping that he will be fit enough to give amazing performance like earlier in the playgrounds soon.

Improve Hair Quality and Health by Washing in Hair in Filtered Water

When we shower or bathe every day, we do not often think about the way in which the additives in our water might effect our bodies or specifically our hair. Often it’s just a matter of turning on the shower, waiting for it to be warm enough, then getting under the water and doing what we need to do. Yet if we stopped to think for a moment what was actually inside the water we bathe and how those additives actually effect our hair, we might take a second thought before getting under that stream of shower water.

The water we use and is supplied to our homes varies greatly. Not all water is the same. There are regions of the country where water is drawn from underground sources, so the water is far more full of minerals and other things which might be in the soil, such as metals. Other regions might draw most of their water from over ground sources, so the water would have far less minerals but because of the exposure to the open, it may contain more organic material. Water companies also need to put chemicals (such as Chlorine or Chloramine) in our water supplies to kill that any bacteria and germs that are in the water or may be picked up in the pipes along the way to our homes. So depending upon where we live, we might live in an area where our water supplies are harder (more full of minerals) but has less chlorine, or we might live in an area where the water is softer, but has more anti-bacterial chemicals. Either way – the water we bathe and shower in is not as straight forward as we might superficially think.

When it comes to the health of our hair, hardness and added chemicals can play a major factor in the health and vibrancy of our hair. Below we will discuss various hair types and how unfiltered showering and bathing water can adversely effect our hair.

Oily Hair

Those of us with oily scalp and oily hair would benefit greatly from showering in filtered water. The chemicals that are put into our water supplies to kill bacteria are solvents (such as Chlorine) and can be found in many cleaning products. This means that even if we do not wash our hair every day, simply by immersing our hair in unfiltered water we are running a powerful oil stripping chemical through it. When our hair and scalps are stripped of oil every day in this manner, our bodies naturally react by producing more natural oils to protect our scalp and hair. In some cases the body will produce too much oil to overcompensate and this can actually be the cause of over oily hair.

Curly and Nappy Hair

Curly and nappy hair (such as hair of Afro-Caribbean decent individuals) are notoriously difficult to manage and to keep healthy. One reason for this is that those with this type of hair can often put their hair through a lot of chemical treatments to straighten the hair. These chemical treatments will always contribute to hair damage. There is no way curly or nappy hair can be straightened without actually damaging the hair. When hair is damaged in this way and it encounters further chemicals found in unfiltered shower or bathing water, the hair will get further damaged and split ends and hair will begin to actually look damaged.

It is recommended that curly and nappy hair is not shampooed every day, therefore bathing in a water supply which is very hard (high in mineral contents) these minerals can easily lodge themselves within the dense fibers of the hair and produce an effect on hair shafts that is similar to the white hardness marks and stains that can be seen on glass shower doors.

Long Hair

One of the hardest parts of maintaining long beautiful hair is split ends. Split ends are a sure sign of hair damage. Shower water which is unfiltered will strip away natural oils from hair, which will lead to dry hair and eventually lead to split ends. It is extra hard for those who have long hair to maintain a good balance of natural oils because the hair shafts are so long and more oils need to be produced to keep the hair healthy and long. Therefore it is vital for anyone who wants to maintain healthy long hair to ensure that natural levels oils in the hair and the scalp are produced.

Coloured Treated Hair

Coloured treated hair is highly susceptible to the negative effects of unfiltered water. Chlorine and other additives in our water supplies are specifically produced as a solvent. Any colour treatment on hair, be it a wild colour or even blonde highlights will wash away at a much higher rate if washed in unfiltered water than those washed in filtered water.

In conclusion the natural oils in our hair and scalps is a major factor in the health and well being of our hair. If we want to maintain the utmost level of health in our hair or if we want to maintain the perfect healthy hair for our particular hair type, we need to stop washing and bathing our hair in unfiltered water. Instead to protect our hair we should install a shower, bath or tap filter to remove solvents and hardness which contribute to the degradation of the natural oils in our hair.

How do I Access Government Funded Health Care In British Columbia

One of the advantages of living in Canada is the ability to use the Universal Health Care program that has been in place in the country for decades. This initiative is paid for by the various levels of government through tax dollars, and alleviates many of the expenses involved with health care, such as the cost of a visit to the doctor or the hospital, various operations, prescriptions, and so on.

Although the program is called universal health care, it is important to note that in reality it is carried out from province to province. In large part this is due to the traditional Quebec medical system; as a result of the difference each province has its own way of administering and qualifying citizens for the program.

In British Columbia, you must register for the Medical Services Plan in order to access government-funded health care. Once registered, you will receive a personal health care card with your health care number on it; this card and number are vital when using any medical services in the province, from hospital visits to doctors visits.

There are several ways to gain a personal health care number and card.

Individuals born in the province are automatically registered through their hospital, and receive a card in the mail.

Those who move to BC from another province must register to receive their card and number. This may be done through your union or through your job, in which case the office should be contacted. Otherwise, you need enrol yourself through a British Columbia government office or on the BC governments website.

Some individuals may qualify under the Health Canada act or the Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance, in which case those offices need to be contacted.

In order to qualify, you will have to prove that you are a resident of the province. This means including all documentation supporting citizenship or immigration.

In order to be deemed eligible, a person must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, must make her or his home in BC, and live in the province at least six months in each calendar year. Any dependants of a BC resident are automatically covered under the residents plan.

It is worth noting that while MSP takes most of the cost out of health services, many individuals will have to pay premiums each month if not covered through their employers. The premiums will depend on income level and need and are calculated on a monthly basis.

Simple Acne Prevention – 7 Tips To Stop Acne For Free

Individuals who’ve never had acne breakouts in addition to those who have recovered from the skin ailment can take the same steps to ensure it is averted. Look at a handful of the most effective methods for how to prevent acne cheaply and naturally.

– Be sure to keep your hands away from your facial skin. As astonishing as it may appear, your hands collect acne causing bacteria quite easily — even when you aren’t touching anything. To prevent that unhealthy bacteria from infecting your facial skin, simply keep your hands from coming into contact with the face!

– Begin a consistent exercise schedule to keep acne at a minimum. Why is this useful? Due to the fact that exercise improves circulation, blood flow, and improves oxygen levels, which therefore results in the elimination of toxins which may cause acne breakouts.

– Clean the face twice a day to keep it clear of acne producing germs. Simple, but astonishingly useful — make sure you remember it!

– Make sure to shower following doing exercises to eliminate the dirt & sweat which is able to clog pores and play a role in the development of acne.

– Stop picking, squeezing or bursting pimples on your face! Why? Mainly because the bacteria from your dirty hands can cause your acne pimples to fester. In addition to that, there’s always the the chance of spreading the problem to formerly “zero acne” zones of your face. It’s the cardinal rule of treating and preventing acne — you would be wise to keep it in mind!

– The easiest way of preventing acne is to ingest lots of water daily. Drinking about 3 to 4 bottles of water per day constantly purges your system of harmful toxins which could certainly trigger acne breakouts.

– Change pillow cases and bathroom towels routinely so you won’t expose your skin to excessive levels of bacteria and oils which could give rise to the clogging of pores. A good idea would be to wash your bedding materials (mattress sheets, pillows, etc) 2 to 3 times every week.

These are a couple of of the most efficient strategies for how to prevent acne; which if utilized continually, can lead to you having stunning, flawless skin.

Why And How To Buy Health Insurance Plan

Medical treatment all over the world has become so costly that there is no respite from buying health insurance/taking medical insurance wherever you are stationed or in whichever field you are occupied. Medical emergency is uncertain and can happen on road, rail, air, in any transport vehicle, in office, in your country and abroad. This single medical factor is pivotal which hinges around our healthcare. This is the reason that all wise men go in for health insurance as early as possible. Nowadays health insurance plans are available in all age groups and all variants. The best thing to note is that in India the health insurance policies are very competitive and affordable for all brands of society. With cheap options also there are reasonable quality services. This is the reason that even many foreigners prefer to buy Indian health insurance policy, be they short-term tourists or long-term businessmen. By savings in small ways of paying premiums periodically, we get handsome compensation at an hour of need if some medical emergency arises. Now the question is how to choose a befitting medical claim policy.

The best bet in India is to go in for online Mediclaim policy. For this you need to call certain online quotes from some reputed companies. The variants of facilities are available in different reputed companies. You have to analyze the online quotes called for. Then sum up the idea of buying Mediclaim policy from the company which offers the maximum facilities vis–vis the following chosen ingredients:

Pre and post-hospitalization expenditure and their terms and conditions
Cashless hospitalization facilities in thousands of reputed empanelled hospitals all over India in the hospitals of your liking
24×7 personal assistance, easy claim settlement process, Day-care procedures
All practical help in easy and efficient settlement of claims
Tax benefit under section 80 (D) of income tax act
Unlimited room rent on certain conditions
Critical illnesses plan on certain conditions, which covers almost all ailments like cancer, broken limbs, burns, heart problem, brain problem etc.
Lifelong renewal facility
5% renewal concession each year, maximum being up to 25% in stages
Also available are insurance covers for individuals and spouses, individuals and their family members, including dependent parents and children.
Maternity insurance cover (some companies nowadays offer on certain conditions)
You continue getting services while your claims are under settlement

So, when you go in to buy health insurance plan, make sure you go through various policies properly and opt for the one which best suits your requirements.

Lawson S. Rener DDS Emphasizes Preventive Dental Care

Preventive dental care is the best and most cost-effective way to keep from developing serious problems such as gum disease, severe tooth decay and even oral cancer. Healthy mouth ensures healthy body, and the problems with gums and teeth can give rise to other health related issues. Researches show that there is a link between oral health problems and other health issues like respiratory problems, cardiovascular issues and diabetes. Preventive dental care will help detect all kinds of dental issues earlier, to ensure that they can be treated efficiently and quickly. There is no denying to the fact that regular brushing and flossing is important to ensure the health of gums and teeth. However, it is also important to work closely with a professional dentist who monitors your oral health and has an ability to diagnose possible problems. Moreover, being careful of what you drink and eat is also an important point to consider, because some beverages and foods can stain teeth, and increase the risks of decay or cavities.

Lawson S. Rener DDS is a well-known family dentist based in Kansas City, and provides top quality dental-care to the entire family at affordable prices. At his dental office located in Medical Plaza Complex (Kansas City), he has a highly skilled, knowledgeable and friendly staff of dental health-care professionals who make every effort possible to provide comfortable dental experience. Dr. Lawson S. Rener DDS provides a relaxed and informal atmosphere throughout his dental office and aims at reducing traditional dental anxieties. He emphasizes preventive dental care instead of repair-and-wait approach and pays personalized attention to each patient. Using the most advanced equipment and procedures, he ensures that the patients achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

Lawson S. Rener DDS received his Bachelor of Arts degree (Biology), and Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. He has huge experience in general dentistry, and has served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at UMKC. Presently, he is working as a Staff Dentist at St. Luke’s Hospital, Kansas City and aims at improving the quality of his patients’ lives.

Reform Means Planning for Healthcare System Wellness

Wellness is not simply an absence of illness, it is an active process of becoming aware, planning for, and carrying out healthy choices that bring about positive change.

Understanding and maintaining wellness is critical in every one of our lives – and in the lives of the people we serve who are recovering from mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

As members of the behavioral health community, we must engage in the active process of becoming aware, planning for, and carrying on the hard work of healthcare system reform. This kind of healthcare system wellness is our responsibility. Federal healthcare reform legislation is a big step in the right direction. However, maintaining wellness is an ongoing process. In considering the wellness of our healthcare system there are several dimensions we as providers and consumers of healthcare services should be attending to. These dimensions of healthcare system wellness include funding, health information technology, service provision, quality improvement and research. Some examples of the planning and activities we can take part in.


– Reform the payment system to stop the promotion of paying for procedures and replacing it with payment based on the quality care.

– Aggressive reform of billing practices that stymie providers from making the necessary changes to create seamless healthcare services. Including funding for coordination of care, case management, transportation and allowing providers in every state to bill for more than one service in a day in the same clinic.

Health Information Technology

– The development of patient registries for the uniform collection of clinical and administrative data. Registries will allow for better monitoring and continuity of care while helping to make the business case for behavioral and primary care services integration

– Making sure that our electronic health records are compliant with Health Level Seven (HL7) international interoperability standards. Required by the US Department of Health and Human Services, these standards will enable electronic medical records to exchange, manage and share information between providers.

Service Provision

– Adoption of the healthcare home approach to care. This approach requires a bi-directional care provision which challenges the traditional thinking about how providers work with one another. Specialty mental health and primary care providers must reach out to one another and work in a coordinated fashion to provide disease management services for people with severe mental illness and/or substance use conditions.

– The implementation of wellness programming as a Medical Home standard of care for all people diagnosed with a severe mental illness and/or substance use condition.

– The expansion of peer-led wellness programming as an effective way to promote healthy living and care coordination.

Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Acne

Acne scars are definitely something every girl really wants to get rid of. Until recent times there wasn’t any permanent solution to get rid of acne scarring. Need some useful home remedies for that treatment of acne scars? Here are the home remedies to get rid of spots and acne scarring.

Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Acne :

Honey Mask : Honey has anti microbial properties that are very effective in disinfecting and healing blemishes. Applying honey mask evidently at least twice a week will surely bring the greatest results. The waxy part of the honey keeps the skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Tomatoes : An easy application of fresh tomato juice works in the same way. Tomatoes contain vitamin A, that is a key ingredient in some of the very most effective and expensive acne treatments. A facial mask made up of mashed tomatoes and cucumbers reveals young skin and closes the pores, when it’s used on a regular basis.

Olive Oil : Essential olive oil is truly a miracle substance that can help in nourishing your skin. Regular use of Olive oil not just helps in decreasing acne scarring but also helps from future breakouts. Massage the oil on affected areas of your skin every day. It has moisturizing properties that soften the feel of your skin and reduce the prominence of the acne scars.

Ice : Instant respite from pimples can be received from ice. First, take a piece of ice and wrap it having a soft and clean bit of cloth. Now, apply it on your pimple and leave for couple of minutes. This is another best way to remove pimples overnight.

Toothpaste : Utilization of toothpaste as a natural home treatment solution is the simplest way to eliminate acne due to its easy availability in every house. It has bacterial ingredients such as triclosan, alcohol and menthol that keep your skin dry.

How to use: Wash the face with a mild soap, take a little bit of toothpaste on your finger tip and put it on directly on each pimple. Let it rest for 1-2 hours and then wash the face with warm water.

Is Acne Medication Effective And Safe

Acne affects most of us at some stage in our lives. Even the lucky ones who seem to by-pass acne during their teenage years still get the odd pimple and spots. Whilst you may find the occassional pimples hard to deal with, what if you have more serious acne condition?

If you are suffering from a serious acne condition you may have visited your doctor to see what can be done. Unless the condition is extremely serious your doctor will unlikely suggest taking a prescription acne treatment, such as Isotretinoin. Whilst these can work they are often associated with side effects such as effects that include depression, hallucinations and cracked skin. So taking an acne medication may not be safe for everyone.

Under direct medical supervision drugs like Isotretinoin can be effective and if you are prescribe this particular treatment its because your condition is serious enough to warrant it. Sometimes steroids are prescribed for some serious acne conditions, which is taken in a variety of ways by injection, topical cream or orally. Steriods can quality reduce the inflammation associated with acne. Again there are side effects with steriod treatments the main ones being weight gain and mood swings.

So what are your options for treating mild to moderate acne conditions?

There are a number of options if your acne condition is not severe these are in the form of topical skin care treatments. The effective treatments typically contain tea tree oil that is gentle to your skin and yet effective at attacking the bacteria in your pores. Importantly it can clear up acne without damaging your skin and help you fight off acne at the source.

Benzoyl Peroxide is another active component used in many acne treatments. Whilst this is also effective at killing any bacteria it can often led to drying of the skin, which can have the knock on effect of increased production of oil. Some the more effective acne treatments tend to use tea tree oil and possibly Benzoyl Peroxide in smaller amounts.

Another ingredient popular in some acne products is Salicylic acid. This is applied to the skin and is used for mild acne conditions. You may suffer from mild stinging and irritation on your skin when using Salicylic acid.

In summary, if you are suffering from mild to moderate acne it can be safe and effective to use an over the counter acne treatment. If you suspect your acne is more serious then you should visit your doctor who may prescribe an acne drug that will require more medical supervision.

Handling Menopause with the Aid of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

For hundreds of years, women have been compelled by society to follow idealized standards of womanhood. Anything that implied the contrary was usually kept secret because it often ignited social stigma. Unfortunately, anything suppressed frequently comes out as the ladies conclude their reproductive years and enter the menopausal period. Following the onset of menopause, the entire body turns into a different entity-just like how it was at the onset of puberty.

Menopause takes place when a woman’s ovaries discontinue functioning, causing an unexpected change in hormone levels, which then causes psychological and physiological changes. Some changes consist of hot flashes, itchiness of the skin, and joint problems. Hormonal changes likewise cause swift changes in moods that can affect interactions with other people, especially a woman’s companion and loved ones.

Luckily, you’ll find medical institutions that prescribe menopausal ladies with medicines that relieve the signs of menopause-which are primarily psychological issues like extreme depression and irritability. You can also get medications for joint pain and vaginal dryness. While these are definitely beneficial, there are many solutions that deal with the source of the problem.

Some doctors recommend “estrogen pills” or selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs). These medicines are proven to lessen the risk of osteoporosis and breast cancer. Even so, some medical professionals have raised considerations that these drugs might cause adverse long-term side effects for women that no longer have adequate estrogen to regulate some physiological functions.

Hormone therapy, for example, introduces new estrogen in the female body to keep it working with some estrogen to lessen some symptoms. This is commonly employed and has made menopause a considerably less stressful stage for a lot of middle-aged women. Bioidentical hormone therapy pertains to substances derived from biological sources instead of synthetic ones.

Bioidentical therapy is deemed safer for patients since there is fewer probability of coming across problems. This is because the body can easily accept a natural compound, like hormones, coming from another living being. Bioidentical hormones for menopause are estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. They are all sexual hormones which gonads (reproductive organs) yield. These are derived from Mexican yam and soybeans.

On the other hand, even though the bioidentical hormones menopause sufferers require have aided numerous women, there is minimal definitive proof that it’s necessarily less dangerous or more efficient than “synthetic” medicine. By all means, women can take a look at various ways to relieve the signs of menopause. However, it is best for such women to talk to their physicians first concerning these symptoms and the required treatment. There are many ways women can get information: they may contact various obstetrician-gynecologists, read textbooks, or use the Internet. For more information please read