A Sleep Dentist Is Key to Restoring Dental Health

If you become overly anxious about dental care, you are not alone. Around 30% of Americans avoid having necessary dental work because they experience severe anxiety or fear about going to the dentist. This can be related to bad experiences in the past, or a feeling of loss of control. Unfortunately, dental anxiety results in millions of people whose dental needs remain unmet. They may live with gum disease, cavities, or worse, due to fear of dental visits. Things are changing, however, and more dentists are offering sedation dentistry. An Altamonte Springs sleep dentist can help you cope effectively with your dental anxiety so you can get the care you need.

Use of Nitrous Oxide

Many people are familiar with the use of nitrous oxide in dental practices, and this, plus skilled local anesthesia are sufficient to quell many patients’ fears so that the necessary dental work can be done. However, for some patients, nitrous oxide isn’t enough. Some people have a difficult time getting numb with local anesthesia, and this can cause fear to escalate. Fortunately, there are options for deep sedation for patients with these problems. Patients can be in a profoundly relaxed state and unaware of treatments and afterwards have no recollection of the procedures.

Deeper Sedation Methods

Your Altamonte Springs sedation dental office may have you take a pill the night before your procedures. This allows you to arrive already relaxed. You are then given another pill at the office that puts you into a more sedated state. Your vital signs are monitored closely while you are at your appointment and you will be in a deeply sedated condition throughout the procedure. Though technically conscious, you will be in a deep enough state of relaxation that you won’t experience anxiety and won’t remember the procedure. Obviously, you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.