Benefits Of Taking A Holistic Approach In Alternative Medicine

When we are in good health, we tend to take advantage of our good fortune. Often, when we are healthy, we do not consider what treatment we may choose if we became ill. Take a few moments to think about your physical, mental and emotional well-being. If you were to become sick tomorrow, would you rely on the wisdom of conventional doctors or the wisdom of the ages? More people turn toward the effectiveness of holistic and alternative medicines every year. Many of today’s illnesses and issues can be treated without potentially dangerous drugs and treatments.

Conventional Health Plan

Conventional health care includes medications that are foreign to our bodies. Sometimes those foreign chemicals can cause adverse side effects that could have been avoided by simply choosing a different health care regimen. In fact, some of the more common ailments can easily be treated without the use of conventional medication or treatments.

Alternative Health Plan

Alternative health plans include practices and products that are not often used in conventional medical offices. Alternative health care focuses on the patient, the symptoms and the patient’s surroundings. Vitamins, herbs and natural foods provide lasting results without some of the harmful side effects of conventional medicines. Simply by improving your eating habits, you can make a positive impact on your overall feeling of well-being.

Some alternative health practices may include acupuncture, essential oils, herbs and minerals. Acupuncture works by specifically targeting and stimulating certain points on the body. Although considered “alternative,” acupuncture is not a new method of health care. It has been practiced throughout Asian countries for thousands of years.

Massages and seaweed wraps are considered alternatives to conventional medications that relieve stress and other emotional issues. By stimulating the soft tissue of the human body, blood and oxygen flow increase. The increase in blood flow and oxygen to vital tissues helps decrease the stresses brought on by every-day life.

Vitamins, minerals and herbs can ease the pain of burns, increase memory retention and even help decrease cholesterol. Arthritis patients often find relief from the pain and swelling of arthritis by taking specific herbal supplements. These supplements don’t carry the same risks of side effects as conventional medications.

Holistic Health Plan

The idea behind holistic health care is that wellness envelopes every aspect of a person’s being. In order to be wholly healthy, one must be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Holistic health care focuses on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of each patient. Prayerful meditation and natural medicines, such as herbs, a natural diet and energy-based therapies are often preferred in lieu of potentially harmful procedures or medications. In addition to naturopathic medicines, homeopathy, acupuncture, exercise and aromatherapy play very important roles in holistic medicine.

Improved posture, complete body cleansing and reflexology are just a few holistic approaches in medicine. Improved posture can unbind nerve endings and help release stress throughout various parts of the body. A complete body cleansing can clean toxins from the blood as well as vital organs like the intestines, liver and kidneys. Some diets rely on a complete body cleanse for optimum weight loss.

While alternative and holistic medicines are very effective, they should never be used without the instruction of a physician. Take your health care decisions into your own hands. Ask your doctor about holistic or alternative approaches to medicines you currently take. Ask for alternatives to conventional medications and procedures when possible.