Best Indian Astrologer Hemant Sharma Ji’s Predictions Cancer (karka) Lagna

The Sun- The Sun as strong 2nd lord gives benefits from the government, gives good eye-sight and also gives a lot of wealth. If the Sun is weak bad eye, separation from family, not much wealth and loss of reputation etc are results. The Sun is immune from maraka effect of 2nd house.

The Moon- The Moon is lord of lagna, so auspicious. The Moon away from the Sun, in conjunction or aspect of benefics ie strong is very auspicious. A weak and afflicted moon causes balarista (death in infancy), diseases of the cavities of body like stomach and chest, impure blood, defamation etc.

Mars- Mars lord of 5th and 10th houses is alone a Rajayoga Karaka. Mars in fall (neecha) is also auspicious because it falls in 4th from Aries and 9th from Scorpio.

Mercury- Mercury is lord of 3rd and 12th houses. Being lord of 12th gives results of other sign house ie 3rd house. Mercury is evil for this lagna. Mercury conjunct with and afflicted by evil planets in 5th house give income in lakhs. The 5th house is 6th from 12th and 3rd from 3rd house and Mercury’s placement in 5th is bad for the 3rd and 12 houses. Therefore, evils of 3rd and 12th houses are destroyed and prosperity is caused by a weak 3rd and 12th house lord when placed in 5th house.

Jupiter- Jupiter is 6th and 9th house lord. Its Moola-trikona sign falls in 6th house. As a result Jupiter is somewhat auspicious. Also cancer is sign of exaltation of Jupiter. A strong Jupiter gives wealth, religious inclination and gains from govt. and preceptors. A weak Jupiter causes reversal of the above results.

Venus- Venus is lord of 4th and 11th houses. Being lord of 4th ceases to be a benefic and by being lord of 11th a confirmed evil planet. But these evil results are for health and sexual happiness, not for wealth. Of course if Venus is weak it causes scarecity of wealth. For Cancer ascendant Saturn dasa and Venus bhukti or vice-versa causes financial troubles and sexual diseases.

Saturn- Saturn is lord of 7th and 8th houses. As lord of 7th is neutral but still a maraka an evil planet as lord of 8th house. So a dire malefic is Saturn for Cancer ascendant. A strong Saturn is bad for wealth in its dasa-bhukti. A weak Saturn though bestows wealth but is bad for health and longevity of the native and keeps the wife of the native ill.

Good Yogas for Cancer Lagna
The Moon + Mars
The Moon + Jupiter
Mars + Venus
Mars +Jupiter
Mars + Saturn (Saturn spoilt)
Yogas with No Good
Jupiter + Venus
Jupiter + Saturn (Both spoilt)
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