Best Selling Giant Microbes Plush Toys

Microbes or micro organisms are very tiny, and as the name suggests, they are microscopic, i.e., they are not visible with the naked eyes. Medical students get the opportunity to know about them and to see them actually under a microscope. But students from other fields of study rarely get this opportunity to know how these microbes look like.

Even in school its always not possible to show them through microscopes. Due to all these restrictions, students can make use of dummy microbe plush toys, almost 10 million times bigger than the original size, to learn how they look like. These giant microbes are nothing but stuffed toys that look like the original tiny microbes. These are fun to play with and educational too.

Following are the 7 best selling plush toys offered by Giant Microbes:

1.Bed Bug: Bed bug is an insect that feeds on human blood. Its name has been derived from its habitat, i.e. beds, mattresses, sofas, etc. Generally, you dont get to see them walking around on your bed but when you sleep they sneak in and bite you. The bed bug plush toys by Giant Microbes make them less scary even though they look like actual bed bugs. These bed bugs do not bite and guarantee a smile and pleasant dream.

2.1.Common Cold (Rhinovirus): Common cold is such an infection which all of you must have suffered from. Its caused by the common cold virus, i.e. the rhinovirus. Have you ever wondered how this virus looks like? The Giant Microbes plush toy for common cold is soft and looks just like the actual virus. Well, thats just as per the looks are concerned; this cuddly companion wont give you the cold.

3.Brain Cell: Neurons and glial cells are known as brain cells. They help in transmitting information to the nervous system and are one of the most important cells inside the human body. The Giant Microbes brain cell plush toys are big enough to see, hold, and learn how these cells look like; very useful for students.

4.E. Coli: E. coli is a kind of bacteria which is mainly found on warm blooded organisms. They generally do not cause much harm but sometimes they cause food poisoning in human beings. The soft toy version of these bacteria by Giant Microbes will help you to learn about their shape. Children usually love to play with the fringes of this soft toy virus.

5.Flu (Orthomyxovirus): This type of virus generally causes flu or influenza. The soft toy version of this virus by Giant Microbes is very soft and looks very feeble. Children find it fun to play as they also learn about its shape, etc.

6.Epstein Barr Virus (Kissing Disease): The pink colored plush toy of this highly common virus looks so sweet and attractive. No doubt that its in the best seller list.

7.White Blood Cells (WBC): White blood cells are cells of the immune system. They are fighters of the body as they keep away harmful and disease causing viruses. Learn about their shape with the help of Giant Microbes WBC plush toys.

There are many more varieties of plush toys of different bacteria and viruses available at Giant Microbes. They are very helpful for children and students to learn about them and have fun at the same time.