Black Mold Symptoms and Protecting Your Health

Black mold symptoms mask themselves as regular illnesses and frequently go completely undetected. Black mold steals your health by placing your immune system jeopardy by overwhelming it with attacks, while diseases of opportunity get a foot hold and then you suddenly have major health issues to deal with.

Black mold symptoms have to be discovered by placing family under surveillance, specifically by noting every health detail each family member has. The reason you must pay such close attention to details is because here is just a brief list of black mold health symptoms you need to watch:

You notice stale musty odors, in the bathroom, laundry, basement, attic, walls. You have headaches that happen on a weekly basis. Stale air eminating from the air conditioning or furnace. Mold that appears as if from out of no where especially after cleaning it up. Patches or speckles on the water filter or water softener. You have health concerns that the doctors can’t seem to identify a cause. You are purchasing one or more boxes of sinus pills per month. Red eyes, tired eyes, itchy eyes and nose, sniffles. Your throat is frequently a problem. Sinus headaches, sinus pressure, head pain. You are mostly un-naturally tired. Allergies

Several of these problems usually go unnoticed but by collecting the details of all the family members different patterns will result in establishing that there may be a root cause that has not been found. That root cause is frequently black mold problems. Black mold health concerns are more than the subtle problems identified above. Black mold can lead to depression, short term memory loss and hair loss.

There is one way to discover if black mold health problems are taking over your home and that is to get away for a several days. If you feel better after being away, then return and the maladies come back again, then black mold could be the problem.

If you have already discovered that black mold symptoms are in your house and you want to get rid of the black mold, there are various ways ranging in cost and complexity to eliminate the problem. Most often black mold problems are a direct result of water damage and too much moisture in your home. Eliminate the moisture and the black mold will go dormant (like your grass under the snow). Once the moisture problem is solved, remove the black mold carefully (large jobs may require the professionals). Once those two functions are completed keep the area well ventilated.

Howard Doughman author of -How to Get Rid of Black Mold- has helped hundreds of people eliminate their problems with DIY methods. Having had personal experience with black mold problems and then being a resource for those who are intensely suffering, Mr. Doughman has become a reliable online resource.