Cancer In Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ever Heard Of It

Ever heard about cancer in dogs? You heard it right. Cancer as the most feared and dreaded disease of human beings also occurs in dogs. Because of this killer disease’s unpredictability, we cannot really tell which dog breeds will be susceptible to cancer. Even the tiny Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can have it forming in or on their bodies.

In the case of dogs, oral cancer is most common type that can affect them. Oral cancer forms in two areas : in the mouth or in the nasal cavity. Each area has its own symptoms to look out for and can be deadly if left untreated.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can grow tumors or a mass that looks like a lump in their oral cavity These lumps can form on the gum or in the bone in the mouth. Lumps forming on the lips, gum, or skin around the mouth are easier to recognize than the bone cancer in the mouth. Oral cancer in the mouth usually has a black formation that is small at first but grows continuously.

When the disease progresses, these lumps spread, can make the gum bleed and the teeth fall out. Symptoms of oral cancer are usually bleeding, persistent growth of the cancer cells, pain, change in how they eat, weight loss, and sluggishness.

Be observant of the weight loss and eating patterns of the pet. A dog who experiences pain in the mouth generally will not want to eat dry hard food. He will start to avoid the food even when he is hungry. Not eating of course will lead to weight loss. This is typically the first symptom or symptoms that you will see in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. You may also see the masses if you check the dog’s teeth regularly.

The bleeding will usually result the longer the illness goes on. This happens towards the last stages of the disease where death could be imminent. They can choke on the blood as well as experience lethargy due to blood loss.

Once you have realized your dogs health has worsen, seek for a veterinarian’s help. Three methods of treatment are being offered by the vets although it still depends on their facilities. The methods include a) surgery to remove the masses from the gum or nasal cavity b) removal of bone for the bone cancer in the jaw ( This procedure can be extremely expensive and difficult for reconstruction of the jaw is needed) and 3) radiation if you do not want to undergo surgery for your dog.

Losing pets like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can be a very heart-breaking experience. Although some may say that they are just dogs, but the affection and happiness they can give a person cannot be underestimated. While there is still time, check on your pet regularly to avoid tragic diseases as cancer.

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