Cathy Goodman Willed Cancer Out Of Her Body Using The Secret.

Cathy’s story is one that could be considered beyond uplifting or inspirational it is an out-right miracle! If you log on to her spouses website (Morris E. Goodman) at you will see that before she received the blessing of Healing in her own life she herself was the spectacular miracle in Morris’ life after he recovered from a plane crash that left no hope for restoring his beaten and broken body from the paralysis and internal injuries that accident left him with. She and Morris were married on November 10th 1990 and little did they know at that time that Morris’ story of positive and forward thinking would some day be re-awakened and prove invaluable in Cathy’s life as well.

As told by Cathy she was diagnosed with breast cancer and her response was to go home and NOT think about the illness at all. She states in the movie The Secret that instead of concentrating on the cancer she put her attention elsewhere and that she truly believed in her heart with her strong faith that we had already been healed and that in her mind she saw herself as if cancer had never been in her body to begin with. She tells how she would walk around the house saying out loud Thank you for my healing over and over again. As she continues her story she explains to viewers that she and her husband would only watch funny movies because they believed that laughter would be an important part of her recovery and if she was laughing she wasn’t thinking about anything to do with the diagnosis.

In just 3 short months Cathy got the word that the cancer was gone. The miracle here is that Cathy had decided early on not to take the conventional route and so this healing took place without any radiation or chemotherapy whatsoever! By sheer mind power and force of will Cathy was able to put the cancer behind her. Because her husband was able to heal himself from the massive injuries that the doctors believed would take his life Cathy knew first hand the valuable instrument the mind itself can play on the body and its own ability to heal itself. Because she accepted it for truth -her thoughts were able to work in harmony with her immune system and rid the cancer from her body entirely.

Cathy and her husband Morris are great examples of the old adage Mind over matter! After all what else sustains our current sense of reality if it is not our mindset? Isn’t it in the mind that we control the power over our own circumstances? Can we be hurt by someone’s unkind words without first accepting in our mind to perceive the insult as personal if it isn’t taken as a personal blow to our character how can we accept it as an insult? Until we welcome something can it really be real? These are the kind of insightful ideas a movie like The Secret is meant to provoke. It gives value and merit to opening ones mind and looking outside the confines of our ordinary day to day approach as well as our normal take on the world.

All in all, if nothing else, we can begin to at least consider what an invaluable asset the mind can be. More importantly still, we can evaluate the benefits of learning how to live in harmony with our thoughts in order to live a happier, healthier existence. What (or who) would that hurtI’d wager on it hurting no one and if that alone resulted in a peaceful resolve maybe eventually somewhere down the line we could look at getting along with everyone around us as an option to entertain in our minds as well! Now what could (or would) that thought mean to the entire planet in the end? Cathy herself probably has a lot to say on these issues I’d be willing to bet on it!

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