Chemotherapy Is Hardly The Cure For Cancer!

Its quite interesting and enlightening to know more about the cancer industry, and how the system really works. This is based on documented statistics from medical journals that are seldom seen by the public, interviews with MDs, Naturopaths and thousands of cancer patients. Most of the patients out there are searching for answers like you.They have spent thousands of dollars on chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery and still no results! Infact, they feel worse than ever- they are dying . Apart from the horrendous side effects, even the doctors will tell you that radiation and chemotherapy will probably cause cancer to re-occur in a few years. Keep in mind that although doctors have your best interests at heart, 80% oncologists will never go for chemotherapy for themselves or their loved ones since they know it is poison and one of the most lethal medicines one can use. The FDA stipulates that only conventional drugs or medical treatment can cure cancer. This way there can never be a genuine cure for cancer as there are handsome profits to be made. Even medical schools, journals and staff salaries are funded by the pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, for oncology students in conventional medical schools, successful, low-cost and non-toxic, cancer treatments are unknown to them since it provides competition to everything they represent.. Oncology students go into medicine to help fight cancer. How can they see their patients die? The War on Cancer was doomed from the beginning —now it’s Lost. For those of you who are confused, frustrated, worried, or just plain scared, be assured, that there are safe, clinically proven natural cancer cure methods that can get you immediate results! Natural ways to cure cancer are popular because they enable the body to cure itself of cancer. It can be carried out at home; works with even advanced cancer and is one hundred percent natural. Thousands of European doctors have used it to heal a large number of patients for a 100 years. The problem is that neither the general public or conventional doctors want to hear about them. This is disheartening since this year too, one in two men and one woman in three, in the United States, will be detected with some sort of cancer. There are several very simple steps you need to take. And when you know what these are, you can use natural cancer cures so you can boost your immune system learning which foods are the very best for your specific type of cancer. Research from around the world has defined new categories of food that will show you how to reverse your cancer in just 6-8 weeks.. Remember, natural cancer cures are very effective only when you put the right food plan in place; otherwise you will just be wasting a lot of money on the wrong supplements, organic foods and herbal teas.

Just like everything else in nature, curing cancer has everything to do with creating a healthy balance among oncogenes (that cause cells to divide) and suppressor genes (that stop the divide). . Did you know that quietly, behind the scenes, millions of people around the world have successfully treated cancer for decades using low cost, natural, alternative cancer treatments alone?

So why today, inexpensive, alternate medicine remains ignored by the conventional medical system. Hopefully, the Internet information explosion will finally force the powerful drug industry to change.

This article is not intended to lessen the sincere efforts put in by thousands of researchers who toil away in an effort to find the right cure but to enlighten the suffering millions that there are many other time-tested ways to cure cancer. And with that, there is hope.

R.P.Bhalla is a retired airline captain and wild life enthusiast. Based on extensive research he writes regularly on Health and Relationship issues.

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