Dr. Naram And His Ancient Secret Formulas Will Be Recognized By The Governor Of New Jersey

By Loknath Swain

“I started taking the STWS herbs around the end of 2008 “”actually it amazed me was when I went for my CAT scan in May of 2009. Much of or almost all of the ‘pulmonary wall thickening’ appeared to be gone! A lot of the guys are suffering from it. Every day we go forward it seems like another firefighter comes up with an even stranger health problem. A few months after taking the herbs it was just so noticeable that I didn’t seem to have that heavy breathing.” JK, FDNY Firefighter

Almost 30 years ago, Dr. Naram”s 120+ year old Master assigned Dr. Naram to work with the street kids in the slums of Bombay. When Dr. Naram”s first remedies for their health ailments did not work, Dr. Naram”s Master told him to learn more about the street kids. Dr. Naram went to where they worked and saw that they were employed to swim around in the vats of chemicals at a factory in order to mix them. He was shocked. With his Master”s input, Dr. Naram developed certain powerful herbal remedies according to his lineages” understanding of the body, and successfully removed the severe and harmful toxins in these children with incredible results.

Then when many of the first responders of 9/11 developed symptoms similar to those of these street kids, symptoms that U.S. doctors were not familiar with, Dr. Naram knew he had a critical solution and was approached to join with the organization Serving Those Who Serve (STWS) in bringing the powerful remedies to the American victims & heroes who needed them most.

“After 9/11 my sleep pattern was literally ruined. First it started with nightmares and then I just couldn’t sleep. Now when I do sleep, whether it’s for 2 hours or 4 hours, I sleep with no interruption. I believe that’s because of the herbs. From the start of the morning until the end of the night I’m focused, I’m clear… This is the only product that I stand by that I can honestly say has made a difference in my life and for that I’m grateful.” ~John Feal, GZ demolition, founder of the FealGood Foundation

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