Get the Best Healthcare in India

Health is a primary concern in any country and India is no exception. Healthcare sector in India has witnessed tremendous growth recently, making large markets for India healthcare products. As it was noticed in the past few decades, the hospital services have registered a rapid progress, giving rise to various super specialty hospitals in the country.

As a result, medical tourism has received a boost. All these hospitals focus on the concept of giving state of the art facilities to patients, thereby offering quality services to them. The rise of healthcare is equally contributing to the growth of a prosperous pharmaceutical industry in the country. A study entitled, Indian Healthcare has offered a thorough research with a rational approach regarding the current scenario and future of the India healthcare sector. The highlight of the research is that pharmaceutical and medical tourism the two segments in the India healthcare sectors, which are the most lucrative ones in the country. The report provides an analysis on market trends, and presents detailed information about various segments and their determinants in India healthcare sector.

Further the report predicts that Medical tourism industry is supposed to produce a 26% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) spanning the period 2011-2014. CAGR takes regard the year wise growth rate of an investment over a particular period of time. It reveals that PE (private equity) funds have invested US$ 2.53 Billion in India till now in 216 health care deals since 2005. Especially the market for hospital services is extremely bright, anticipating a double growth during the period taken. Moreover, India will get a large amount of doctors, if taken into account the huge population in India. The growth of population will eventually lead to growth of doctors as they will seek treatment for various diseases.

Healthcare in India presents a complex picture. Sedentary lifestyle gives birth to various new diseases in urban areas which is a matter of concern. The rural health in India is always seeking attention to the government. Healthcare is the rural sector is still far from satisfactory, because of poor infrastructure, ignorance and several other reasons. Diseases are persistent in rural areas. The government has been taking initiatives to promote rural health by various schemes since independence; still the success rate of such schemes is not satisfactory. On one hand, India healthcare sector is progressing at a rapid rate, but the government has filed to provide good healthcare in the primary level, in the rural parts of India where a vast number of population live.

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