Hair Transplant Is A Fast Growing Occupation In India

People are more concerned about their looks than anything else today. The importance of hair to improve the facial expression cannot be undermined. Hair bring youthful look to the face and make it more attractive and appealing. Hair transplant is the part of cosmetic surgery and is gaining much popularity these days. The growing demand of good facial expressions has raised the demand of talented and trained hair transplant surgeons in India these days.

Many of the cosmetic surgeons are diverting to hair transplant surgeries or adding it to their services because of raising demand from consumers. There are many hair sciences centers in the country offering complete training to the doctors and even assisting them in establishing their own hair transplant clinics in India. Besides the techniques, the participants are taught everything that they need to conduct their practice successfully. The courses are designed with the professional excellence in mind and enable the participants to start their own practice immediate after completion of the course with full confidence. The courses include FUE training, training for surgeons, and other hair restoration treatments.

Training is provided under the expert supervision of highly qualified and experienced specialists. Participants are taught the most popular 500-graft Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUE method. This technique is performed with the help of high-tech automatic Roto-motor technique. This training is often provided to qualified doctors i.e. MBBA and BDS only. However there are some other courses provided to train assistants and staff members of the clinics such as BAMS/ BHMS/ Nurses and assistants of cosmetologists. Usually the courses are of 3 days duration and may cost something near about USD 3500, however the duration and time limit might vary per training centers. These institutes also offer customized training programs on demand and charges would depend upon the requirement.

Some of the training centers in India encourage the participating doctors to bring a fellow technician along in the training program. This way the doctors can easily understand a technicians role during the surgery and the assisting technician can also learn what is expected of him and how to perform to the best desired level. The assisting technicians are taught the entire graft harvesting procedure, slivering graft preparation, and insertion. They are also trained how to look after the patients before and after the surgery.

FUE procedure is one of the most advanced technologies available in hair transplant industry today. It is taught at only few places in India. There are several training centre in Chandigarh which have gained much popularity recently because of their state-of-the-art infrastructure, and visiting trainers from the developed countries like US and UK. These institutes have gained popularity not only in India but globally in fact as many of their participants come from several other countries, mainly from USA, Canada, Brazil, Europe and Australia.

If you are a qualified cosmetologist, MBBS, BDS and want to make a positive difference to your practice, think of adding hair transplant and hair restoration procedures to your services and you can reap good benefits for ever.