How To Go Down On A Woman

Cunnilingus–oral sex performed on women–is the holy grail of satisfying most women. So if you haven’t honed your oral sex technique, you’re most likely going to suffer some cunnilingus performance anxiety. Cultural myths about nasty vaginas just add to the pressure. But cunnilingus performed well will endear you to a partner like nothing else can. So whether you’re a seasoned muffdiver or are a late bloomer just getting started, here are a few oral sex tips to improve your technique.

1. Be prepared with some sexy goods. Have the Cunnilingus Expert Kit on hand and you’ll find the edible gel, lickable oil, and accompanying vibrator will help tranform you from a novice into an oral sex master. (Plus you save 25% when you purchase all the toys together!)
2. Study up. In addition to these cunnilingus techniques, you’ll find great oral sex tips in the DVD Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Cunnilingus, The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus book, and the Low Down on Going Down book.
3. Lick her like an ice cream cone Big soft licks from stem to stern with a wide flat tongue stimulate all the nerves in her genital area. Go deliciously slow to make her feel like a yummy dessert being savored, or speed it up a bit and focus more on the clitoris to push her towards orgasm. You can sweeten things up by applying an edible gel like Sliquid Green Apple, which won rave reviews in Men’s Health magazine.
4. Dive in. Build up the intensity level gradually. Once you’re into it, use your whole face. Bury yourself in her pussy, get your tongue in as far as possible, use your nose for more pressure. Not only does this feel good physically, it lets her know you are really into her taste and smell. Hint: if your eyelids aren’t sticky, you’re not doing it right.
5. Insert two fingers in her vagina while licking her clit. Curl those fingers up towards your tongue, capturing her clit and G-spot between your mouth and fingers. As your tongue licks up pull down with your fingers; get a rhythm going. Rev things up even more by slipping a G-spot vibrator or G-spot dildo into her while you’re going down on her.

6. Let your lover straddle your face. If lying back during cunnilingus is too passive for her, let her hop on top. From there she can control the pressure and area of contact during oral sex. To make this position even more fun, get tied down to the bed before she mounts you using some restraints, and maybe she’ll even boss you around with firm directives: “stick your tongue out!”, “open your mouth!” “suck it boy”, and so on. Bottomy munchers will, well, lick it up.
7. Mix it up. If your idea of performing cunnilingus is to just lick up and down, up and down, (“fencepainting”), chances are that it’ll get boring to your partner after a while. Vary your movements, add pressure, use your lips, breath and teeth in addition to your tongue, change positions, use your hands.Get your whole creative body involved.
8. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Most women orgasm in response to rhythmic stimulation, so if you’re in a groove that is building her up, don’t suddenly change what you’re doing. Finding the balance between variety and consistency is the art to being an oral sex expert.
9. Suck her into your mouth. Gentle suction is a nice variation on the licks and downward pressure of most cunnilingus. While you’ve got a nice piece of her sucked in your mouth, lick it while maintaining the suction.
10. Lick her asshole. Use a barrier for hygiene (try Glyde Dental Dams), or if she is very clean and you don’t penetrate, you may choose bare tongue on skin. The anus is rich in nerve endings so all the varieties of oral stimulation–licking, sucking, nibbling–can feel wonderful. Ask her if shed like to wear a butt plug like the Little Flirt, for an added thrill.
11. Keep it wet. The juicier your make it, the better it feels. Experiment with edibles like Babeland Lickable Oil, some flavored lubricant or some lube that warms when you blow on it.
12. Get as good as you give! Make a gift of the Blow Job Expert Kit and you both may get so good you’ll never leave the house.

How do you know if she likes it?

With your face buried in her cunt and your ears muffled by her creamy thighs, it can be hard to talk about how things are going. So look for more subtle signs of her enjoyment. If she raises her hips to meet your mouth, that is a very good sign. A lubricating vagina and swelling vulva and labia that spread open as they become engorged are a sure sign that she’s responding favorably. So is a growing clitoris. An all over skin flush, rapid breathing, and writhing are clues. Clutching the sheets is excellent, and so are hands on the back of your head pushing you in for more.