How To Spot Great Cosmetic Dentistry

It all starts with this guy, Fibonacci.
Leonardo Fibonacci discovered what is known as the ‘Golden Proportion’ or the ‘Golden Ratio’ – it’s a ratio that governs the whole of our lives – and is 1 to 0.618
This ratio is found in nature, art and architecture. The ratio even governs the space between the diastole and systole of your heart beat!
There are gauges that can show us this relationship of 1 to 0.618 as shown in the following images.

Images courtesy ofThe Golden Mean Guage
Nature falls in to this proportion all the time, and if this proportion is not adhered to things don’t look quite right… and that includes your teeth. You see your teeth also conform to this golden proportion and we violate it at our peril…

Have you ever seen a person’s smile and you just thought it looked wrong? There are a few celebrities that have had their teeth done that show this well!
We bet that if you measured the golden ratio of their teeth that it’s wrong – and people notice when it is.
The golden proportion dictates the following dimensions:

The ratio of the width to length of each tooth

The ratio of widths from tooth to tooth

The ratio of the whole smile on the face

The ratio of the 2 front teeth in proportion to the eyes

At Clock Tower Dental Care we are acutely aware of this Golden Ratio and ensure that your teeth fit in to the proportions perfectly. But there’s so much more to a great smile…

Lip Position
What is also important is that the tips of your teeth match the line of your lower lip. If this is not the case the smile can look crooked and uneven

Black Triangles
Often at the tips of the teeth people complain of black triangles.Whist this is natural some people prefer to have them smaller and less noticeable.So always ask the dentist for acosmetic dental mock-upof how you will look before hand, you can then check that these triangles get slightly larger the further back you go for a more natural looking smile.
The Gum Line
Also extremely importantly is the line of the gums and top teeth. This should mirror the line of the top lip and be even all the way round.
Try out your new knowledge with these Celebrity Smiles

By now you are almost an expert on what makes a great smile and how to chose the very best cosmetic dentist – so, armed with your new knowledge of cosmetic dentistry and what makes the perfect smile what are you going to do next