How To Test Yourself For Testicular Cancer – A Must Read!

Testicular cancer is highly curable if caught early enough. This type of cancer is more prevalent in men ages 20 to 39. Every man should know who to do a self testicular exam because it has been documented that most testicular cancers are found by the patient during a self exam.

If you are diagnosed with testicular cancer, keep in mind that it is highly curable with the right treatment. Surgery is often required to remove the cancerous testicle. The patient with testicular cancer may need chemotherapy in addition to surgery. The doctor will make a determination for chemotherapy based on the severity of testicular cancer.

If testicular cancer goes untreated it can spread to the major organs of the body and death can result. Testicular cancer that spreads is called metastasis. But with treatment, metastasis rarely occurs.

It is very important that every male knows how to do a self exam for testicular cancer. The best time to perform this exam is right after a bath or shower. The skin around your scrotum will be more relaxed from the warm water and will be it will be easier to do an exam.

To do a self exam for testicular cancer, you need to check your testicles one at a time using both hands. First, cup your scrotum with one hand to determine if there is any changes in the way that it normally feels. Does it feel heavier than normal? Check to make sure that there doesn’t seem to be a fluid build up in the scrotum.

The next step in a self testicular exam is to put your index and middle fingers underneath one testicle and rest your thumb on top of the testicle. Now, roll the testicle gently between your thumb and fingers. You are looking for any small bumps in the testicle or any lumps along the side of the testicle. Repeat the testicular exam with the other testicle.

The last part of the testicular exam involves feeling along the epididymis. This is the tube that rests behind the testicle. It is responsible for collecting and carrying sperm. Check the epididymis for any type of swelling.

While you are doing yourself exam for testicular cancer, keep in mind that it is normal for one testicle to be slightly bigger than the other. After you do several testicular exams, you will be able to tell what is normal and what is not. If you find any abnormalities, see your doctor right away.

A testicular self exam should be performed once a month. The key to surviving testicular cancer is early detection and immediate treatment. Regular self exams for testicular cancer is the first step in treating testicular cancer.

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