John Kanziusinventor Of The Cancer Killing Radio Wave Machine

What is Thermal Destruction of Cancer Cells? John Kanzius says he uses radio waves in a noninvasive way to heat nanoparticles which can kill cancer. John Kanzius is not a doctor. In fact he holds no degrees at all, not even a college bachelor degree. Who is he? He is a man, like so many, diagnosed with cancer.

Five years ago, John was informed that he has b-cell leukemia. John understood and witnessed first hand the devastation the current cancer treatment wrecked on one’s body and spirit; seeing the hopeful smiling faces starting chemo therapy and radiation turn sickly and zombie like as treatment progressed. These difficult, toxic cancer treatment sessions prompted him to invent the use of radio wave frequencies to kill cancer. So, John started working in his garage. Since childhood, John had been fascinated by radio waves. He soon discovered that nanoparticles and other molecules can be heated with radio waves and that cancerous cells are eradicated! In testing he discovered, that cancer cells could be eradicated, without side effects, in an 8 week period of time!

John Kanzius, sans the professional degree, has worked as owner and operator of a radio station and also engineered and managed TV stations. Radio waves were a childhood fascination and a major component of his adult work. Prior to Kanzius’ breakthrough, using radio waves to cure cancer had not been an avenue pursued by ANY mainstream researchers. Contrary, researchers have concentrated their efforts on drugs, surgery and other medical cancer treatment interventions. Now, thanks to Kanzius’ pioneering work, researchers are finding solutions through the science of physics. When John was queried as to what made him think he could invent a cure for cancer?, he responded, “no one else had done it.”

This possible cure gives many people hope but unfortunately, it is quite likely that the inventor himself might succumb to his cancer prior to benefiting from it as a curative cancer treatment. Preparing for such a scenario, John Kanzius has proactively made arrangements for his discovery to be handled by a corporation, and ensured that his hometown in PA could benefit once the FDA gave approval for the Radio Wave Machine’s use in killing cancer. It means a lot to his hometown in Erie county. The machine to cure some of the worst cancers, manufactured and then conducted at their local cancer center, will put the small town of Erie PA on the world’s map. It’s anticipated, that once instituted and approved, that visiting cancer patients will be coming in from all over the world.

Is it a little too early to call it a cure? Maybe? but the medical profession is very hopeful. The FDA has given Kanzius testing phase approval to receive international patients. The county of Erie is excited about the economic growth that will likely be experienced if the treatment is approved. It could mean a 10 billion increase in revenue for the county. A lot of key people and resources are behind Kanzius. Dr. Stephen Curly is a surgical oncologist and does cancer research at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Curly said, “This has the most fascinating potential I’ve seen in anything in my twenty years of cancer research.” Dr. Curly continues to provide fund raising support so the research can continue at it’s miracle accelerated pace.

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