Michael Jordan Dunking Secrets – 3 Tips To Jump Higher In 8 Weeks Flat!

Michael Jordan has been quite a renowned name for many years now. The best part is that he is best known for his high jumping skills. Do you think he learned to dunk like that in a matter of minutes? No, it took great amount of practice and perseveration. He would train all day, every day and try and jump higher with the help of a number of exercise routines.

There are many basketball players that follow the same but are not able to match up to his standards yet, however, there are many other who have carved a name for themselves just like the legend in this exciting sport.

The key to being able to dunk well in basket ball is jumping higher and anyone that can practice that along with shooting hoops can play well.

There are many secrets to jumping like that, and the main thing that you need to do if you want to train like that is go in for vertical jump training.

This is a form of training which will help you jump higher. There is a jumping technique for dunking, and the main thing to keep in mind is that your focus should be nowhere else while trying to dunk because that is what is required along with great amount of concentration on your leg muscles to jump well and high.

Some other tips to jump higher are that you should exercise and run so that you can become very agile. People who jump so high can do so because they are very flexible and their muscles have become versatile with practice. If you do sprints everyday religiously, then your muscles will carry the same characteristics.

Another thing to keep in mind is building up on all the muscle memory that you can. This means that while you play basketball or exercise, you should always try jumping, all the time. This helps your muscles to get used to jumping. It might sound funny, but it is true. Once your muscles get used to jumping a certain vertical length, then only will they be able to go higher up.

Other things that you can do are to try and exercise your legs as much as you can and not put much pressure on them all the time. You must rest them when it is required too, because over practicing might harm them. You also need to make them strong, so it is suggested that you do full back squats which will help those muscles gain a lot of energy and strength. Do not forget to keep drinking lots of water in between practicing and exercising.