Some Health Insurance Is Better Than None

This day and age is probably the toughest health insurance issues my generation will ever see. You may have lost our job or the job you have is dropping your coverage or simply raising your premium and you cant afford it. Here are some suggestions that may be helpful to a situation you might be in.

What we really need to convince our selves with is that not to have any health insurance is bad for us all. Yes we can be saving but the guarantee of not getting sick or injured is a very small percentage. I know how tough it is because you may have a pre-existing condition or maybe your self employed or possibly just flat broke. Start doing your homework and look for the best coverage you can afford. Two key words, afford and best.

Find a job, any job. Even if it pays minimum wage and regardless of what you have to do. Could be a part time job or a night shift. Be careful about part time jobs, some companies will provide some coverage but make sure its what you need. Another idea is to join an association or membership. Many of them may provide a real good plan that could be affordable. A large membership can provide it cheaper than trying to get insurance individually.

Great coverage has to be affordable. Consider just having coverage for catastrophic, some is better than none. If you see a doctor once a year, catastrophic will be the least expensive. This will give you a large deductible but keep your premium really low. This will cover you when a long term or unexpected illness may occur. Something like an $40,000 surgery.

If you dont end up getting any health insurance at all I have found that you could talk to your doctor when you have that once a year visit. Let him know what situation your in, cash payment may reduce the cost of some procedures and maybe help with medications. It cant hurt to ask and some doctors my be accommodating.

I think this is helpful stuff, most have been through many experiences I have had and also from friends and family. Talk about health insurance with other people, sometimes what they know and what they might be going through may be beneficial information for you.

Budgeting monthly for your health insurance needs to be crucial right up there with your other required bills. For the greatest cost, you need to get some health insurance quotes and then compare the benefits.