Overseas Travel Cum Health Insurance And Benefits

Vacationing overseas for business, leisure, and education is a humdrum affair today. What is important is getting insured with overseas health insurance. With an overseas medical insurance policy, you can stay secured from unforeseen medical emergencies. Health care is expensive in foreign countries. Then you may come across other hassles such as losing passport, checked baggage, and related paraphernalia. If you are insured with overseas travel insurance, you need not worry. The insurer will take care of everything.

If you are flying overseas once in a year or if it is a first time trip and there are no such trip plans in the near future, you may opt for single trip overseas travel insurance. If you are a frequent traveler, opt for the multiple trip plan. This will help you save on the overall premium and gain more benefits. And then there are certain rules and regulation formulated for traveling to select countries. For few countries, it is a must to buy overseas travel insurance. For example, the Schengen visa for Europe can be issued only if you buy overseas health insurance. Then for certain countries, it is not a must to buy one. It is up to you whether you want to stay financially safe and enjoy a hassle-free trip or get ready to face and bear risks. When you get coverage for personal accident, repatriation, medical expenses, emergency evacuation, loss of checked baggage, loss of passport, etc. against a meager amount, why hesitate or step back. Buy overseas medical insurance that best suits your requirements and ensure a wonderful trip.
Benefits offered under different overseas health insurance plans of different insurance providers vary in few aspects. Maximum of the benefits offered are common in almost all plans. Then there are dedicated plans for certain countries. For example, if you buy Bajaj Allianz Travel Elite Asia overseas travel insurance, which covers all countries in Asia except Japan, you get cover for personal accident and disability, medical expenses and repatriation, loss or delay of checked baggage, loss of passport, trip delay, curtailment and cancellation, hijacked plane, home burglary, and more.

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Shoja – Assadi Group Highfield Dental Clinic

In 2007, Dr. and also Mrs. Fash Assadi launched the Highfield Dental Clinic that includes a single passion and also vision. The clinic’s ultimate goal is to offer top quality and sophisticated dental care within the Birmingham area. For one they make an effort to present their clients a relaxed, stress free and calm experience for each visit to their dental clinic. They aim for that sort of environment when you would in reality fail to remember that you visit to get your tooth removed. This might cause you to feel that you’re within a comfortable restaurant or perhaps a spa. The clinic additionally includes up-to-date technology which allows for the delivery of innovative dental care within its best.

Due to fantastic recommendations, the clinic continues to be acknowledged not only to clients inside the midlands but virtually everywhere all over Europe. The Highfield Clinic is among the three of all those which can be a part of the Shoja – Assadi Group which can be found within Wolverhampton and also Birmingham. Dr. Assadi views his or her own clients as not merely clients but in addition people that call for aid and assistance. Their medical assistance won’t only end in offering treatment method; they’re also really certain of prevention for being much better than cure. They apply work in training their patients so they should be able to perform the right maintenance for their typical wellness. It firms their relationships with their clients.

The healthcare staff is among the reasons for the prosperity of the clinic. Everyone who functions inside the clinic has got the same perception as those of Dr. Assadi. This can be so since they ensure that everybody knows it, whether it’s the receptionist or even the masseuse. This really is to provide the greatest welcoming and comfy experience, which makes you completely forget about what it is to become removed with tooth. From the moment you set foot on the clinic, the clinic employees would ensure that all of the issues would be investigated to make certain that the appropriate dental support will likely be offered. With the top quality technology found in the clinic, each client’s satisfaction is made certain. This is the reason they come to be the most respected and highly reliable dental clinic in Birmingham. This makes anyone who loves to be a part of the Highfield Dental Clinic geared towards an incredible career.

Every patient could be pleased with the right control and guidance from every single staff. This really is so because each and every staff offers the highest support that may be given. Through continuously looking at every duty and helping to make communication lines open, great outcomes can be offered with a wonderful smile. Highfield Dental clinic ensures that the staff’s experience is processed in each and every thing they do which ensures that every day at the clinic is definitely fulfilling. Highfield Dental Clinic won’t only support patients in providing proper dental support; additionally they attempt to enhance the skills of all the so-called personnel to their maximum possibilities.

To generally be part of the team at Highfield Dental Clinic means driving oneself to supply exceptional results every single day. This guideline may be the foundation in shaping the clinic’s great-quality reputation of becoming the most lavish and advanced dental clinic inside Birmingham. Helping to make virtually any person a part of the Highfield Dental Clinic’s team, really thankful.

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Gastric Cancer – Global Drug Forecasts And Treatment Analysis To 2020 Volume I 2011

GlobalData analysis finds that the global gastric cancer therapeutics market is attractive, and is primarily driven by the growth in the number of patients receiving gastric cancer therapy and the annual cost of therapy. The patient volume is primarily driven by an increase in patient volume in countries such as China, France, Spain and Italy. The patient volume was driven by growth in treatment usage patterns such as diseased population, treatment seeking population, diagnosis population and prescription population. The annual cost of gastric cancer therapy was driven by the launch of new therapies such as Taxotere (docetaxel), Xeloda (capecitabine) and Herceptin (trastuzumab).

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There is no standard care for gastric cancer. The treatment of gastric cancer is largely based on the treatment guidelines of different countries. Very few drugs are actually approved for gastric cancer, although many drugs are recommended for use
in treatment. Taxotere is approved as a first line therapy in gastric cancer. The introduction of new therapies for metastatic gastric cancer is expected to expand the market further.

In 2010, Japan was the leading market in the global gastric cancer therapeutics market with an estimated market share of approximately 24.7%. China was the second leading market with 17% market share. The US is the third largest gastric cancer market with a 15% market share. Japan and China lead the market due to a large patient base.

In 2010, Taxotere was the leading drug with approximate sales worth $170m and a market share of 30%. Herceptin, which was launched in the US and EU in 2010, is expected to gain market share in the forecast period 2010-2020.

GlobalData, the industry analysis specialist, has released its new report, Gastric Cancer – Global Drug Forecasts and Treatment Analysis to 2020 Volume I 2011. The report is an essential source of information and analysis on the global gastric cancer therapeutics market. The report provides comprehensive information on gastric cancer, highlighting the treatment guidelines. It identifies and analyses the key trends shaping and driving the global gastric cancer therapeutics market. It analyses the treatment usage patterns in the global gastric cancer therapeutics market. The report also provides insights into the competitive landscape and the emerging players expected to significantly alter the positions of the existing market leaders. The report provides valuable insights into the pipeline products within the global gastric cancer sector. It quantifies the unmet need in the global gastric cancer therapeutics market as well as in the individual markets such as the US and the top five countries in Europe, highlighting the opportunity for future players

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Asia Pacific: +91 40 6616 6782

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Dental Ultrasonic Scalers Are Used Routinly U

Dental Ultrasonic Scalers are Used Routinly

Basically, there are two types of power driven scalers. Sonic scalers are powered by compressed air and operate at lower frequencies which range between 3000 to 8000 cycles per second. The handpiece is attached to the compressed air line and vibrations are less then the ultrasonic scaler (2000-6500Hz) (tip movement circular). They are low in performance and not used nowadays.An example of this type of scaler is the Star Titan sonic scaler. Also known as air scalers, these scalers use a metal cylinder (rotor) balanced between orings to provide vibration when air pressure is applied. These attach to a standard handpiece coupler on your delivery system and operate at normal handpiece drive air pressure (32-35 psi).

Dental ultrasonic scalers are used routinly in dental clinics and we buy it as a compulsory dental equipment. Ultrasonic scaler are divided into two types: Magnetostrictive Scaler & Piezoelectric Scaler.

1. Magnetostrictive Scaler-Pattern of vibration- elliptical. Used mainly in the United States, all sides of tip are active and work when adapted to tooth. The magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler uses a magnetostrictive transducer to create magnetic energy which is then converted to mechanical energy at varying frequencies. Magnetostrictive ultrasonic scalers operate between 18000 and 45000 cycles per second. An example of this type is The Cavitron. The movement is generated by passing an electrical current over a stack of metal strips or a metal rod which is attached to the scalers tip. The tip movement can be linear or eliptical and all surfaces are active while in use. These scalers are usually considered easier to use (less technique sensitive) but are sometimes considered as less gentle.

2. Piezoelectric Scaler- Linear vibrations or back and forth vibration. Only two sides of tip are active when applied to surface of tooth. More prominant in Europe and Asia, piezo ultrasonic scaler vibrations are produced by oscillations of a quartz crystal in the handpiece. Piezoelectric units operate between 25000 to 50000 cycles per second. Movement is generated by electricity passing over crystals housed in the handpiece. The tip movement is generally linear and allows two sides of the tip to be active. Piezos are more technique sensitive given the linear motion of the tips. One must use the scaler parallel to the tooth surface to avoid hammering with the piezo tip. When used properly, many consider the piezo to be gentler than magnetostrictive scalers. These differences in the type of movement can generate different root surface alterations following debridement.

Both technologies are considered to be very sound, providing consistent operation over a long period of time. Repairs are typically minor, with most involving the handpiece or tips, which are easily replaceable. One additional consideration would be that most magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler tips are interchangeable, while piezo ultrasonic scaler tips are typically specific to the manufacturer.

Ultrasonic and sonic scalers appear to attain similar results as hand instruments for removing plaque, calculus and endotoxin. Ultrasonics used at medium power seem to produce less surface damage than hand or sonic scalers. Due to instrument width, power driven Ultrasonic Scaler Tip seems to be more effective in furcations. What matters most is the time spent per tooth and mastery of your particular debridement system.

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The Origins Of Alternative Medicine

The origins of alternative medicine, also known as holistic medicine, can be traced back thousands of years to the very roots of medicine. Many millennia ago, physicians or healers would assess the sick persons emotional condition in addition to their physical symptoms before beginning treatment. The roots of alternative medicine deal with the symptoms of the whole person, not merely the physical signs of illness. This is radically different from traditional medicine today.

In medicine today, people demand to be cured immediately, and the demand for medicines and treatments that do so is very high. Most physicians today are trained to assess physical symptoms and base treatments on that, without much consideration of the persons emotional or intellectual state.

Since its inception, alternative medicine has survived the ages and stages of the field of medicine. Despite the prevalence of modern medical practices, there are still millions of people worldwide that take advantage of alternative treatments for ailments or well-being. Some of these alternative treatments include massage therapy, herbal remedies, and meditation. Massage is one of the most long-standing forms of alternative treatment, and it is highly popular today as a treatment for aches and pains, and as a means of stress release and relaxation. Most people probably dont even think about massage as a type of alternative medicine.

Through the ages, every society has used their own forms of alternative medicines and treatments. There is over 5000 years of history and many types of treatments that were used far and wide, and many traditional medical treatments can even find their roots in alternative medicine from long ago.

Long ago in Europe, medical issues were treated by one of two types of healers, the physicians or the folk healers. The folk healers appealed to the poorer factions of society, in that they used natural treatments that were more affordable and easier to come by. Folk healers were often highly respected in these underprivileged sections of society. Folk healers often incorporated philosophy and religious faith into their healing practices, which helped to strengthen a sick persons mind and spirit, as well as his body.

Eventually, folk medicine evolved into the traditional medicine we are familiar with in todays world. With each passing century, many great advances have been made in treatments and cures for various diseases and conditions.

Despite the dominance of traditional medicine in the world today, there is still a place for alternative medicine. It is alive and well, and used by many people around the world through massage therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, meditation, and many other forms of alternative treatments. Many physicians now support many of these treatments, making them less alternative.

The origins of alternative medicine were very forward thinking. Alternative medicine has survived through the millennia because it has real validity, despite a great deal of ridicule through the ages. Though they do not have the immediate effect that many drugs and treatments of traditional medicine, they are a feasible option for a person to consider.

Its Impossible! Therapy Socks Can Give you Health and Great Mood!

How often do you have the feeling that something isnt enough? For example, the energy to do one more thing. Or vigor, activity to do easily everything planned for the day. How often do you feel tired after a hard day? You know: in the evening there is a great desire to meet with friends and to go somewhere. But you havent more power, and all you can only sleeping.

Thats enough to share your precious time with fatigue and irritability! Return your body activity, spirit – wonderful location, and head – fresh ideas and readiness to be energetic and cheerful again! Of course, you cant do anything without vitamin complex and the internal training. But it is equally important to use the therapy wear – namely, therapy socks! This new product has recently appeared at the market, but has already gained a lot of positive reviews!

What are the therapy socks?

Therapy socks are an effective combination of:
natural cotton of the highest quality;
medicinal herbs;
natural essential oils.

In this case:
all herbal extracts and essential oils have the ECO and ISO certifications, and CERES;
all the herbal extracts were extracted by using CO2 method (this method has a significant advantage – it does not damage the nutrients from to the influence of high temperature);
due the production of therapy socks essential oils and herbal extracts, approved by the Health Association of the European Union, are used.

How do influence the therapy socks?

On the feet there is majority of active points, which have a direct influence on our organism. That is why legs were chosen as a site of action of therapy wear. The therapy socks influence in two ways:

Absorption. Cotton fibers are enriched with extracts of various useful herbs, which can easily penetrate the skin and have a positive impact on the body.
Aromatherapy. Essential oils, which are in the cotton fibers, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. They not only penetrate the skin, but are also actively inhaled by the owner of therapy socks.

Natural ingredients stimulate the active points of the feet, which can affect the nervous system, blood circulation, heart, lungs, brain and many other organs. Therapy socks help to stimulate more than 50 points on the feet, which directly affect the main vital organs.

What is the positive effect of using therapy socks?

Activity of the most functions of various organs is increased, the organism comes to the balanced state.
The nervous system is become stronger.
The emotional balance comes, stress retreats.
Muscle tone of the legs is improved.
Therapy socks stimulate brain activity and improve blood circulation.
Ability to work is increased.
Therapy socks turn out the comprehensive anti-virus and anti-bacterial effect.
Protective functions of immune system and the whole organism are risen.

Benefits of therapy socks

To feel the real effect from the using of therapy socks, thats enough to hold one-week course (or set of spa-treatments). Moreover, this type of therapy wear you can use everywhere: at home, at work, during the leisure time.
The positive effect is felt not only in certain areas of the body, but also throughout the organism.
Therapy socks are completely natural environmentally friendly product, proven by the Biomedical Dermatology Research.
Manufactured in Europe with attractive design, therapy socks will not only be an effective tool in struggle with fatigue and irritability, but can also be an excellent addition to your costume.

Personal experience

Without personal experience all the benefits of innovations have small trust. So here well quote a letter from one of our customers – Victoria Sanders:

“You cant believe in benefits before using the product. Its about me too. Reading about all advantages of these therapy miracle socks, I could not believe that such wear really exists till the end. But I was lucky – my husband loves such innovations. Therefore he decided to test this therapy socks. At the same time he gave me a pair for my enjoyment by all promised effects.

Despite the fact that I wear therapy socks only the second day (almost without the rest), the positive effects are already evident. Thus, personal conclusions:

1.The first thing that impressed – it’s packing. Large box, colorful instruction, sealed packages for therapy socks … In general, the feeling is that you take in hand not just pack with socks, but a valuable gift.

2.As soon as I unpacked the socks, the quite strong herbal flavor filled the room. Even before bedtime when after 5 hours wearing I took off my therapy socks, my feet still smelled by herbs. Its pleasant.

3.When you dress socks, the feeling is that there is a nice relaxing cool in your feet.

4.I do not know what about the strengthened immune and nervous systems, but therapy socks can raise the mood and brain activity for sure! I put on them in the evening, after a long working day (literally I falling asleep at the computer and had a headache), when I decided to go to the cafe for drinking coffee. Amazingly, but after only 20 minutes my fatigue disappeared! And when an hour later I returned home, I had so much energy so if I didnt work before! At the same time the mood was excellent! Even my husband was surprised.

5.Therapy socks can inspire. It sounds funny, but it is true. In the morning I usually wake up with difficulty, slowly go for coffee, wash my face and sit down at my computer. But today I woke up, dressed my socks and in 15 minutes was ready to work. And the most amazing I wanted to do so much! And it is in the morning when I usually dont want anything except sleeping!

6.I arranged for therapy socks small “crush-test”: in the manual it was information that in the socks composition there are silver ions that neutralize odors. In the evening I decided to make jogging in these socks. Paradoxically: after 40 minutes of jogging therapy socks didnt smell anything except herbs!

At this note my two-day research is completed. In general I am very pleased with my therapy socks. And I should note – my husband is satisfied too. Today he put on them for tennis. After he rang me and joyfully reported that there was no unpleasant odor, and he didnt feel fatigue in the legs at all! In general, there is still 6 days of the course, and I wait for the new pleasant effects. ”

If you are still hard to believe that therapy socks can improve the quality of your life in just 8 days of the use – just check it yourself! After all, there’s nothing better personal experience!

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Drixoral Availability In Future

It is almost a decade since people are using Drixoral Cold and Allergy medicine for immediate relief in symptoms of cold such sneezing, watery eyes and running nose. It has become as one of the most recommended medicine by the doctor or health care professional for the treatment of any cold allergy related symptoms.

It was being used by people from all ages from small children to 70 years old person. But starting 2010, there has been huge scarcity of the Drixoral drug in US and lately it has been discontinued in US. There are still few Canadian pharmacies which are selling the Drixoral branded medicine with another brand name Drixoral cold & sinus.

It is almost similar than that of Drixoral cold & allergy medicine though the new pill comes in green color. The ingredients used in both medicines are almost same as well and are manufactured by the same company as well.

Seeing a huge shortage of Drixoral drug, some pharmacies are trying to make more money by charging extra for the drug which is now not available in US anymore. They are importing drugs from countries like Europe, Japan etc.

But there are still few good Canadian pharmacies which are selling branded Drixoral & sinus oral tablets at reasonable rates. Now it has almost become an impossible for the people to buy Drixoral medicine without having any prescription from doctor or health care professionals.

Drixoral & Sinus medicine is not sold to people in huge quantities by pharmacies just like their successor. Moreover, FDA has also put a special warning on this drug that no household should be sold more than 2.5mg medicine per month.

Not only the pharmacies but it is also a responsibility of the people to keep buying the Drixoral cold & Sinus online from Canadian pharmacies by follow the guidelines determined by FDA and pharmacies, else a day will come that Drixoral Cold & Sinus tablets will disappear soon like Drixoral Cold & allergy medicine.

Home Health Care Services For better Treatment

Home health care services are about providing health care services and medical services at home that is usually done in the premises of the patient’s home jurisdiction and certified health care providers such as nurses, caregivers, or physiotherapists. There are two types of Home health care services that May be administered, one is the informal sector or casual where surveillance in the administration of health care is done by the patient family members while the modalities of directors is executed by suppliers health professionals.

Home health care services aims to provide the patients maximum comfort while they are treated for their illness. The services they offer including health and psychological support which includes treatment of wounds, teaching patients how to treat with care, and other types of treatment which is linked to health. Home health care services May also carry out simple everyday tasks like cooking and preparing meals for the patient, go to the toilet, helping them take the medication at the right interval and other tasks that the patient may not be able to do.

People who are more likely to receive home health care services are those recently discharged from hospital but still needs additional treatments especially if the patient is still very weak and can not meet the complex processes medical care on their own.

In the Europe and USA more patients favor the informal method of home health care services because apart from the fact that they do not have to pay more for the services of professional care, they also have the likelihood to have the company of their relatives. In case they would need the help of nurses and doctors, their services will be taken care of and be paid by their insurance company, if they have one.

Finding home health care services is not a big problem because there are so many that health facilities and offers their services for very affordable rates. Your doctor or other medical worker and you can help recommend the institutions that are competent enough to help you with your health problems. Find the perfect home health care services provider is the key to a better and more effective treatment of the disease patient.

Compared to the institutions of nursing home health care services are affordable too much that’s why most patients especially the elderly prefer to stay in their homes while they are recovering from their illness. Home health care services are the best route to take, especially if the patient’s condition is not serious. When your loved one is on the right good hands and reliable provider of home health care services, you can be sure that the process of recovering patient does short period of time.

home health care services are advisable if you think the patient is not comfortable being left alone, there is danger of falling, the patient may forget to take medicines at the right time, or if there is nobody to take care of your family because you have to work, either because the patient’s doctor advised to do so.

Collagen Tripeptide Leading Cosmetics Industry Trend

Whether it is cosmetics or health foods, can be more effectively absorbed by the body, is the dream of consumer desire. It has long been mistakenly believed that the human body needs amino acids mainly in the form of the protein is absorbed. However, nearly two years of scientific discovery, absorbed by the body is not the main form of the protein amino acids, but peptides.

Peptides are two or more amino acids linked by peptide bonds of compounds on the human body to effectively absorb the protein, astaxanthin play an irreplaceable role. There are thousands of peptides on the human body, related to people’s nerves, hormones, endocrine, reproductive and other areas, participants in the physiological process, regulation of human life. Therefore, scientists believe that life exists in the form of peptides.

Peptide is the existence of life forms, while the collagen tripeptide is present in the form of human skin. Collagen is the most abundant in the body of a class of proteins, is an extracellular protein to form insoluble fiber, high tensile strength, toughness of connective tissue is a major factor in the decision. Thus, collagen is an important part of dermis, accounting for 70% of the dry weight of the skin, the skin mesh to form the support body.

Health and appearance of the skin collagen skin conditions have a direct relationship. It is a three-dimensional helical structure of the protein, stabilizing the supporting role of the skin; experts call it “bone of bone, skin in the skin,” is backed by a strong dermal layer of skin;

Role of collagen in the acid-base, or in the biological role of the enzyme, biotin three-dimensional spiral structure will open, then cut into different pieces, including dozens of amino acid composition of the material known as collagen peptides. Collagen tripeptide of amino acids as Gly-x-y.

The three peptides derived from deep-sea fish skin, x and y are mainly proline and hydroxyproline, which are characteristic of amino acid composition leather. Therefore, the collagen tripeptide is present in the form of the skin. Skin care, supplement collagen tripeptide from the beginning.

Collagen peptides could effectively penetrate into the skin is the key to its role. To identify collagen tripeptide transdermal absorption, scientists tritium labeled tripeptide Gly-pro-hypro applied to the skin of mice, glutathione eight hours by mini-map observations of autoradiography, tritium labeled tripeptide black particles not only distributed in the stratum corneum, also located in the epidermis and dermis, and even penetrate to the dermis and the follicle in the deep. The experimental results show that the collagen tripeptide its unique molecular structure and small molecular weight, good compatibility with the skin, the skin can be accepted into the epidermis and dermis, collagen tripeptide which is to be effective in the skin ready.

Small molecule collagen tripeptide quickly penetrate the skin surface, repair and replenish skin tissue collagen. It is widely used for the purpose of skin care cosmetics, skin care products. The study found that even 0.01% collagen solution have good radiation resistance to a variety of roles and good water retention.

In general, the oily secretion of skin oil than the larger, API supplier prone to acne and pock. Collagen peptides penetrate into the dermis layer to add moisture, can increase the skin’s water retention, reduce the oil secretion. Moreover, the collagen tripeptide itself has anti-inflammatory and regenerative capacity of the cells, so you can remove facial pock through metabolism to generate healthy skin.

Touched the baby’s skin is so smooth, supple, flexible, full of life, minoxidil moist atmosphere. However, as time goes by, people’s skin more relaxed, less flexible, quietly climbed the forehead wrinkles. Thus, a variety of foods rich in vitamin A, C, E will be filled with beauty cosmetics, Ms. dresser, but these can only remove facial cosmetics and skin of some fine lines, but it can stop the loose skin, sagging. Science so that people are surprised to find that, through the role of collagen tripeptide, can erase the face of ten years of vicissitudes years.

Who used the collagen tripeptide can be seen in a few months changed the young, not only the face of fine lines disappear, and the deep wrinkles have begun to fade, face began to change when young, the elderly, the bags under the eyes began to disappear.

Collagen tripeptide Why is there such a good effect? This is because the most important to keep the skin smooth and delicate composition, are two proteins, namely collagen and elastin and moderate moisture.

Although collagen only 3-5% of total body protein, but it is human skin is smooth and elastic critical factor, once the body sufficient collagen, which can quickly repair the injured tissue, improve cell metabolism, to stay young healthy skin. Scientists found that collagen tripeptide can fill in the skin dermis, increasing skin tightness, tretinoin resulting in skin tone, reduce pores and make skin tight and elastic.

As the collagen tripeptide with the structure similar to human skin collagen, compatibility is good, there are ionic bonds, hydrogen bond interactions, can spread deep into the skin, human skin has good nutrition. At the same time, the molecule contains a large number of hydroxyl, Cosmetics material has a very good moisturizing effect. The amino and hydroxyl molecules also gives it a certain degree of surface activity, which makes her a good compatibility with other materials, and skin irritation. Therefore, to achieve long-term collagen tripeptide troubled cosmetics industry, by way of topical cosmetic skin collagen supplement the problem, creating a new era in cosmetic industry. Currently in Europe, some Asian biotechnology developed countries and regions, the collagen tripeptide technology for the cosmetics industry has become the fashion!