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Finding the best healthcare service is a tricky proposition, but with a little search on the net, you will find the best medical service with a range of dynamic products which are manufactured with quality control and stringent sourcing, approved by FDA. You will find quality medical advice at affordable price which include health tips, assistance programs for patients, information on medical aid and all details of generic medicines. You will learn more on various types of treatments and get educated on the medical symptoms to be aware of any illness.

Know more about generics, on its bioequivalence, affordability and efficacy as compare with originator. Get informed about the application of generics on various categories such as antibiotics range, cardiovascular, female healthcare, NSAIDS and analgesics and diabetes, besides other common ailments. You will find a wide range of products which include prescription drugs, products for self medication and Neutraceuticals. You will find on searching, the exact product on self medication which are applicable for various medical symptoms relating to different physical ailments like flu, allergy, heartburn and hair care. Know more about prescription drugs which are safe and having no side effects. You will come to know about the ingredients used in manufacture of these time proven products including warnings on using them.

Searching the net, you will find the perfect medical advice from established medical practitioners, on healthcare and the ways of using the generic drugs to be the most effective ones in the process of cure and maintenance of proper health. You will find the perfect solution in being covered by medical aid at affordable cost and on assistance to poor patients and the ways of availing disease management services which are effective and cheap. There are programs aimed at assisting patients to have access to effective healthcare and receive information on the products on which they are eligible.

You will find a wide range of customer services each of them being aimed at helping to know about the products, their applications and specifications. You will be able to quick find the product on entering your ailment condition together with information on their ingredients and side effects. Participate in interactive sessions through social networking and exchange information and views on effective medical services. You will find healthcare at its best and available at affordable cost. Much of your worries and anxieties will be gone after scanning the net for unparallel healthcare services.

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Ways To Increase Your HCG Levels

Bringing Up Your HCG Levels And The Best Way

All of us humans naturally secrete the hormone HCG. The hormone can be found in body cells of non-pregnant humans, which is often dormant until stimulated. The Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone is most prevalent, though, when it is produced by a pregnant woman’s placenta. The HCG hormone is created to be able to sustain the nutrition of both the fetus she is carrying and the woman herself, and as well as to aid other functions to support the growth of the fetus. The HCG level usually increases every few hours in an expectant mother during her pregnancy If a woman’s hCG levels in her blood are too low, that frequently implies an imminent miscarriage, or some other major problem.em.

Reduced hCG levels in a pregnant woman can lead to deterioration of the lining of the uterus, and a woman will begin to menstruate while she is pregnant if nothing is done to raise the hCG levels. This is the reason doctors will usually advise some treatments or methods to assist the pregnant woman on increasing her HCG level if they have been found to be low. Despite the fact that these methods do not ensure a healthy pregnancy or that the birth will be a success, such methods, in many cases, have been found to be beneficial.

Stay Away From Diuretics Like Caffeine

A common method often recommended by doctors to help women raise their hCG levels is to simply avoid diuretics. Diuretics, including caffeine and green tea, move hCG through the system more rapidly, and as a result, will decrease the amount of hCG received in the sample obtained through testing. Even if you are not really a pregnant woman yourself getting your HCG tested, the same idea still applies the same. The more lengthy stay of HCG within the system can be achieved simply by keeping off from diuretics and let it work its magic. Some other popular natural diuretics are ginger, fennel, watermelon, cucumbers, watercress, artichokes, beets, and tomatoes.

Get Yourself A Vitamin Supplement And Loads Of Rest

Seeing that the HCG blends with other functions of the body and its organs in complicated way, it is usually best to basically look at the big picture: it’s all connected. Each body part and/or function is impacted by the other. If there’s a particular portion of your body that you want to function optimally, it is most possible if the rest of your
system is healthy. ..the overall health of your whole being has a bearing on the health of any single organ or bodily function that you wish to enhance. Looking for foods with actual nutritional value, taking vitamins and as well as having enough or plenty of rest, are all simple and yet effective methods of assisting your body to function optimally. This, therefore, will assists your body best to make us of its own HCG, or other HCG supplements you may be taking.

Get HCG Drops Or Perhaps Injections

A health care professional may advice that expecting mothers take HCG supplements through the form of drops or injections when her HCG levels get too low. This may help sustain her own hCG levels, and perhaps help her hCG levels rebound to their naturally healthy state. Although injections get into the system much faster, the difference in assimilation between drops and injections is not that great. Drops are usually preferred since the same results can be achieved. Not only are drops safer to take and less costly, but they’re not painful!

Hormones For Pregnancy, Fertility And Fat Burning

Employed as a typical supplement to aid with fertility treatments, the HCG hormone has long been prescribed to pregnant women. The Hcg weight loss plan is turning into a growing a weight loss success story since the FDA recently authorized HCG for human consumption even without a prescription. Many have realized that, when taken appropriately, increasing the hCG level of obese, or even slightly overweight people, helps to stimulate the hypothalamus gland, resets the body’s metabolism, and helps to burn fat at an incredibly fast rate, with no side effects. There is a study that found if the hormones are taken in the correct dosage, and under the appropriate circumstances (that is, while one is also eating and resting properly,) the increased levels of this naturally produced hormone is safe for both women and men, whether it is being taken for fertility treatments or weight loss uses.

Natural Answer To The Diet Cycle

HCG has developed into a true blessing for those who have struggled with weight loss, and tried many different fad diets. Many people who have tested out using the HCG hormones have noted that they have not had any feelings of hunger while on the supplements and that they also had a plentiful amount of energy. And because of the fact that HCG aids in regulating the metabolism of the body, many people who have adhered to the HCG diet regimen and lost the excess weight are just impressed when they learned that they do not get the weight back on when the diet is over. There certainly isn’t any diet program like this!

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Generics Over Branded Medicines

Generic pills are formulated with the same formula as well as ingredients used as a brand name medication. These generics gives identical effects and results as the more popular and expensive pills. Generic medicines are cheap alternatives for individuals who cant afford the price of brand name pills. Contrary to the belief of some people, generic drugs are checked and approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Both are equally effective and safe.

All pills undergo stringent testing and evaluation by the FDA. These tests ensure that they have the same ingredients, composition and formulation as their brand name equivalents. Since generics and branded pills use the exact same compositions show that they are similarly efficient. Their efficiency is also more affordable, which is unlike the original brand name pills. The expensive cost of brand name drugs are because of the costs of development and research. Generic drug creators do not have to get back any expenses from researching and developing the medicines formula.

The cost of generic medicines can save more people. Health insurance companies benefit due to their lower prices too. Around seventy to ninety percent of the original cost is discounted through buying generic drugs. Majority of American physicians are recommending generics because of their affordable prices. The doctors, medical insurance firms and patients benefit from the cost effectiveness. The health insurance companies customers wont have to worry about their monthly payments increasing.

For the sake of evaluation, lets look at an anti depressant medicine. 30 tablets of a branded anti-depressant sells for $107; on the other hand, the generic alternative only costs less than $50. The price of diabetes treatment may be reduced by buying generic drugs. Youll change from $200 for brand name medicines to $100 in buying generic drugs for diabetes. If youre ordering a medicine that does not require prescription, you will be able to save by asking for a generic substitute from the pharmacist. The most affordable generic offerings are found in internet pharmacies. These pharmacies have bargain discounts and even price promos.

Reasons Why You Should Belive Natural Weight Loss Supplements Will Help With Weight Reduction

Natural weight loss supplements certainly diminish your appetite while burning surplus fat in the physique and provide you with a nicely toned muscular body. You can certainly expect to burn excess fat and have a toned muscular body. These already exercising to get a muscular body, can definitely rely on weight loss supplements for giving the expected results.

Normally individuals would prefer to consume a item which has a FDA approval but within the case of natural weight loss supplements the FDA doesn’t approve or disapprove any type of supplement which has natural ingredients.

Natural excess fat loss supplements can help you manage your cravings for food. When you are losing fat the body tends to make you crave to help keep the fat stores exactly the same. And, you know how disastrous food cravings may be when you are on a diet for losing excess fat. The pills assist you to restrain yourself from food cravings.

The reality that these supplements are created from natural supplies doesn’t prompt the qualified physicians to conduct any kind of tests or study on these. That’s the sole cause for physicians not recommending those pills but rather, they suggest taking natural supplements.

A really typical element of weight reduction supplements is chromium. When chromium is consumed it also promotes weight loss whilst regulating blood sugar by controlling insulin levels. It assists avoiding feeling of being hungry all of a sudden due abnormal sugar levels. So, while assisting you shed weight these supplements also help controlling sugar level.

The capability of the supplements to diminish our hunger indicates they are able to straight impact our daily intake of calories. When our appetite is reduced we add minimum fat to the program but the supplements keeping performing their job of burning that excess fat currently present within the system.

Most effective artificial weight reduction options which can match natural items come at a price of one’s health. These products can cause much more severe well being circumstances whilst giving you weight reduction results unlike natural items.

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A Look at Marijuana as a Breast Cancer Treatment Reliever

As more and more states in the United States make moves to legalize the usage and prescription of medical marijuana, there’s growing interest in the benefits of cannabis for breast cancer patients, with studies showing the recreational drug has the potential to greatly ease the discomfort of cancer treatments, like chemotherapy.

If drugs like Nolvadex are out of the picture and chemo is a must, then you’ll have to prepare yourself for the side-effects of treatment. This hopefully is where marijuana comes in. Of course, marijuana isn’t legal everywhere, even when your doctor provides you with a prescription for medicinal marijuana. As such, pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop medications that contain the active ingredients found in marijuana, formulating them in such a way that they’re legal and approved by the FDA.

Here we look at the arguments for and against the use the medical marijuana.


There is indeed scientific evidence that shows that the active chemical compound of cannabis has the ability to relieve the nausea and vomiting associated not just with breast cancer treatment, but cancer chemotherapy in general. The primary ingredient of marijuana, known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short, has been studied for its beneficial effects not just for cancer, but for a host of other diseases, ranging from cancer to glaucoma.

Proponents of the use of medical marijuana point out that the side effects of cannabis aren’t a big deal, seeing as how users just stick to minimal doses. Moreover, they point out that the body best absorbs THC through inhalation, not orally.


Many scientists argue that the relieving effects of THC are easily accessible through a number of other FDA-approved drugs, so there’s no longer a need to use medical marijuana. Moreover, these legal prescription drugs help patients avoid the side-effects associated with marijuana use, such as dizziness, drowsiness, mood swings and anxiety.

In any case, the use of medical marijuana is mostly a hit or miss process with cancer patients. If it’s legal in your area, there’s likely to be no harm in trying it out in small doses. If not, then you’ll have to find relief in prescription medicines. For your medication needs, look to Canada Drug Pharmacy and save hundreds of dollars when you buy your medicines in bulk. Canada Drug Pharmacy has received praise for offering the lowest prices for prescription medicines, all of which are guaranteed to be completely safe and original.

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Clearogen Acne Remedy Analysis

By normally attacking and healing the root bring about under the skin and decreasing excessive oil manufacturing, Clearogen alternative breaks the cycle and controls formation giving lasting relief and a rejuvenated complexion for obvious skin.

When picking cleanser treatment goods, it is critical to fully grasp their meant use and areas of application. Regular showering, this includes immediately immediately after exercise sessions, and a quality exfoliation solution to do away with the dead and dry skin cells will guide to stop the problem of blemishes. Also, the patients of asthma, hay fever or all those who have a weak liver are also suggested versus employing some certain anti-acne

As a normal rule, utilizing different products and solutions runs the danger of overly dry skin and a lot more irritation, but everyone’s skin reacts differently. Avoid all those that consist of alcohol or other irritants. Retina and the above the counter zapzyt merchandise have been the only decision that function at receiving my skin obvious. If irritation or sensitivity develops, avoid use of both goods and ask a doctor.

I use the gel for scar elimination whilst on other medications I have been prescribed. Don’t forget that there are several amazing solutions on the industry but you have to be watchful to create for your self the very best normal treatment method for you.

Because not all people is endowed with physical splendor primarily based on the specifications of the bulk, more and additional folks research endlessly for treatment options and solutions that would give remedy to their physical flaws. For the reason that the FDA restrictions are so much lighter on factors marketed as ‘herbs’ as opposed to ‘drugs’, a lot of purely natural herbal remedy goods out there could be harmful

Clearogen is a all-natural anti acne option created by State-of-the-art Skin and Hair Inc. This merchandise addresses the underlying leads to of acne rather than just scratching off the skin’s surface area. It is truly regarded as a innovative new remedy which is scientifically verified to perform in just 3 essential methods and solutions.

This acne treatment claims to reduce the manufacturing of sebum or the skin’s oil through interfering with the conversion of testosterone into dihydro-testosterone which is one issue that leads to acne. Testosterone is a hormone that is normally created inside of the entire body. It as perfectly acts by means of stopping the stimulation of the sebaceous glands which in flip will lessen the in excess of secretion of the skin’s oil.

Aside from controlling the production of oil, Clearogen as properly will help in killing bacteria uncovered in the skin’s surface that causes the inflammation and accumulation of oil which blocks the skin’s pores. It opens the pores of the skin, kills the bacteria then lessens the irritation which allows healing and skin renewal to realize a clear and vibrant skin.

Clearogen is certainly a well known innovative merchandise due to the fact of its other positive aspects aside from people pointed out above. This solution is very simple to use which requirements to be utilized on the impacted areas 3 times a day. This as very well is the finest option for people today who are seeking quick success.

You can go through considerably much more data on acne at

Acne Tablets – How Acne Tablets Perform

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Avastin Can Not Be Used For Breast Cancer Treatment

U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revoked the license for Avastin treat breast cancer. Avastin is an anti-cancer drug which was developed by the Roche Company. According to health Advisory Committees survey data for many years. The FDA says that it is considering withdrawal because Avastin doesn’t show enough promise against breast cancer. Most scientific experts consider this benefit progression-free survival, ” sufficient for full approval, and many oncologists have been using Avastin as an off-label” drug for this purpose And, unlike the case with the Avastin study completed by a prestigious NIH-funded consortium, the FDA should confidently rely on their results.

Avastin is a novel medicine that inhibits the growth of a network of blood vessels that supply nutrients and oxygen to cancerous tissues . Avastin (Bevacizumab, Avastin) is a recombinant humanized monoclonal antibody. Avastin currently is approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating lung and colon cancer, but many doctors use it to treat breast cancer. Avastin have serious side effects, Avastin also has serious, if infrequent, side effects, some of which can be lethal. The most serious side effects associated with Avastin, in some cases resulting in death, are gastrointestinal perforation, wound healing complications, hemorrhage, and blood clots. The FDA is also concerned that Avastin has bad side effects. Avastin was approved in 2008, listed on chemotherapy combination treatment Delay the growth of breast cancer five months. FDA studies have found Avastin only prolonged survival of patients with breast cancer to three months. but There is any evidence to prove to prolong survival of patients with advanced breast cancer.

Avastin is given periodically by intravenous infusion. Genentech produces two doses of Avastin, 100 and 400 milligrams, in the same size vial. The maximum tolerated dose of Avastin is not clear. The maximum dose tested in humans for the (20 mg / kg IV), 16 patients with headache in nine, including three severe headache, 1 times every 14 days. Avastin is not injected within 28 days after surgery, The incision Must completely healed, Before injected it. The most common adverse events in patients receiving Avastin included weakness, abdominal pain, headache, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

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Get Xyzal An Uk Based Anti-allergy Solution Offered Inexpensive Online

Allergies are a part of skin problems that can trigger any one; they can be the result of seasonal differences or may be various other reasons. The allergies can be upsetting but in many cases they are not fatal or chronic. These are just the skin problems which need to be taken care of, there are lots of medicines and drugs available which works best by helping the curbing down of allergies and improving the health condition.

Xyzal is a powerful anti-allergy treatment which works great by blocking the effects of the histamine, which is the major trigger for developing hives and allergies like sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes. The medicine is a very powerful resource that helps in completely alleviating the consequences and factors that develop allergies.

The generic medicine within UK is the anti-histamine which is composed of Levocetrizine dihydrochloride which is a prescription drug and should be taken under complete medical assistance. Also, the medical formula is safe to consume as per FDA approvals. UCB and Sanofi-Aventis are the proud manufacturers of Xyzal anti-allergy treatment which helps great by relieving the allergies and other skin associated problems.

The medicine functions by reacting on the body immune system without harming certain cells of the body, the potential drug partly works on the release of histamine by binding the receptors and causing several allergy symptoms. As per medical tests histamine is the responsible chemical for emerging of allergies. Xyzal works very effectively on alleviating the itching caused due to hives and also on curbing the various other seasonal allergies.

UK online pharmacies offers generic meds which are of superior quality only the external part would differ. The medicines work in the similar manner as the original ones do. The drug is the most powerful supplement for relieving people from various seasonal allergies that can be real upsetting.

Xyzal is a tablet and should be consumed orally with water. The pill should be taken under complete medical supervision as it is a prescription resource and should be consumed with additional care. The basics used in treating the allergies are formed of Levocetrizine used in the Xyzal.

The drug is available in liquid and tablet forms, the medicine works tremendously in the positive way. It is the best drug that works in the immensely talented manner by alleviating the difficulties caused due to seasonal and perennial allergies. The anti-allergy solution is the best one offered online at extremely cheap and reasonable rates. However, there are many such meds which deliver wondrous effects when it comes to overcoming allergy problems and skin related difficulties.

The medicine is a well tolerated drug in children, similarly, the consumption of the pills is limited to pregnant ladies as, the active ingredients or the components used may interact with the unborn baby and also can be termed as harmful for the female carrying the baby. Also, the drug is not suitable for nursing ladies, as the medicine or its components may pass to the infant through breast milk.

Otherwise, Xyzal is the best anti-allergy solution that works in the phenomenal manner.

Interesting Facts About Cancer

For years people have been affect by cancer that has plague their life and their loved ones. Doctors have come up with all kinds of strategies to eliminate this nuisance problem disease. The main problem in concentrating on cancer treatment is to eliminate and wipe out these cancer cells. While the facts remain in reducing the burden of tumors can help in some ways, surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, don’t cure cancer in most cases. One of the factors of curing cancer is one must change the underlying factors that cause the disease.

The fact that people have suffered for many years in combating this disease, nutritional supplements and some parts of dietary therapy has help to change some of the known causes of cancer, and thus help the patient’s bodily immune system to better defend off cancer cells. Understanding cancer treatment is a very vital process for the patient in eliminating the disease which should be included always a nutritional aggressive component as part of their complete therapy.

The fact that the CDC reported just a mere half percent to one percent of metastatic cancer patients live longer than five years. Another updated Cancer Research has revealed that chemotherapy is now credited with remissions in only seven percent of cancer cases. These numbers can be greatly increased.

The fact of the matter that the things that has been shown on television you have seen and you read what has been printed in newspapers and magazines etc. But the one thing that remains is…were you ever told the “Truth!” This is what you want and this is what people want – but the fact remains how many out there is never being told the real truth about cancer and the incidence that it can bring. The fact that the numbers are growing significantly because people have been misinformed or uneducated.

When you look at statistics you’ll find one out of four people had cancer alone in 1960, but when you look at it today it is about one out of three. The chances are it could be lower as strides of achievement is being made. The fact that you can lower your risk of cancer by eliminating carcinogens from your food, and water, or the air that we breath in our homes or workplace. Here’s a study of which the FDA found that may be enlightening to you – that there where significant amounts of pesticides found in the average American food shopping basket-around 60-80 traces of it. Shockingly this government of ours did nothing about it.

The fact that you are never told the truth about cancer prevention is quite disturbing…the fact that you are never told the truth about conventional cancer therapy or the fact that you can now significantly lower the risk of cancer by cleansing or ridding the body of all toxins then go on a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The fact that many cancer establishments have relied on the crude and primitive treatments for surgery or the likes of radiation and chemotherapy as their only way of fighting this disease.

These therapies pretty much are very dangerous, toxic, and inefficient, but can be very profitable for those in the conventional medical field. There are many doctors in the field where there has been much discussion about this but the final summation of it all that was agreed upon by many doctors was that chemotherapy and radiation in essence is literally murder. This year alone well over 1,260,000 Americans will get cancer and all the while Americans are spending billions of dollars on cancer treatment and research alone.

The fact that you haven’t been told the truth about cancer fully and the death that it cause – Looking at these things with a keen eye, the facts remains cancer that causes death is on a swift rise – Unless the people take the time to be health conscious and watch what there eating and putting in their mouths and what they are putting on their skin and the things that’s found in our foods and that’s being allowed to be put in our products that we use, If we don’t take the time to read these labels of ingredients on can goods, hair spay, dish liquids, soaps, air fresher, and the list goes on and on this epidemic will still go on and people would still be getting cancer wondering where it comes from.

If we take the time to just do a little research on a product and what these hard words to pronounce you’ll find some shocking information that would save not only your life but the life of others around you that you know or don’t know and cause you to discontinue using that product or item or food additives that causes these cancer producing symptoms. Do your research, do your homework – READ, READ, READ. I cannot emphasize enough the life alternating experience you would have in saving not only your own life but the life of others of family and friends around you. Just remember that over six hundred and fifty thousand Americans will die of cancer despite what the best therapy of conventional medicine has to offer.

The fact that radiation and chemotherapy together is nothing more than a mixture of deadly poisons. Given examples: surgery and radiation their main objective of chemotherapy is to cleanse or rid the body of cancer by destroying cancer cells. The reason for this is because the cancer cells in the body divide more quickly than normal cells, such as chemotherapeutic agents targeting swiftly dividing cells in your body.

The fact that other cells such as those that are found in our hair follicles, and our bone marrow or intestinal lining are terribly effected. What does it do? It destroys our hair follicles, and the epithelial cells that’s lining our digestive tract – this is why so many that go through chemotherapy usually winds up losing hair and experiencing gastrointestinal sickness.

The fact that this is an all out war fighting against cancer doesn’t mean there is no hope…there is. But it is imperative the we educate ourselves in knowing all that there is to know in beating cancer. Remember there is one successful way of treating cancer and degenerative diseases and that is through wholesome body tactics.

What is wholesome body tactics…and what does it mean? What it means is you can’t drug your body into being healthy. Consider very carefully that it is your body and your mind that you must nourish with care – it might hurt you saying this but you can’t put every and anything into your mouth or on your body for that matter, stated again in another term…do you love eating, you just live to eat eat eat or do you knowledgeably eat smart eat wise and eat to live… you weigh out the factors of which of the two do you do…do you live to eat or do you eat to live? That is the question.

We understand this is not an easy subject for many but it does bear a lot of weight. We come to the realization that chemotherapy has been unsuccessful throughout the years in most cases of treating cancer. The problem is cancer is a systemic disorder which means it is in the whole body and it manifest itself in a particular part of the body or organ – this is typically call as one’s genetic weak link…for this reason is why a organ can not be cut out. Statistics show that ninety six percent of all cancer patients that survived chemotherapy have a relapse after five years.

To give you a little insight cancer in itself is an anaerobic organism which is an organism that doesn’t require oxygen for growth, which thrives in acidic, low oxygen, a moist environment and where it’s dark. Cancer begin to feed on glucose and once it feeds on glucose it secretes lactic acid.

The liver reacts by turning this lactic acid back into glucose so you wind up with a nasty breeding cycle of cancer feeding itself inside you. In order to stop this cancer from growing any further you must change your body to an alkaline state, and make provision of high levels of oxygen to your tissues to where your body can cut off the supply of glucose to the tumor.

This is just one of the few solutions that can help you as an individual to make sure that your nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system, lymphatic system, endocrine system and elimination systems are all functioning together. The natural way.

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Important Information About Benzonatate Dosage And Side Effects

Benzonatate is an oral medication common prescribed for the treatment of coughs. Unlike the drug benzoncaine, it has an anaesthetic. Due to this, it can provide a numbing effect. What it does is it numbs the stretch sensors in the lungs. It successfully relieves coughs because these are actually caused by the action of “stretch sensors” that works hand in hand with regular breathing. So after 15 to 20 minutes after taking the drug, it will start to take effect and last for about 3 hours.

It is important not to confuse benzonatate with codeine or other kinds of narcotics used for cough suppression. The drug was approved by the FDA and has been on the shelves of drugstores since 1958.

Benzonatate Dosage

Benzonatate is generally sold in liquid-filled capsules. They are to be taken orally 3x a day. When it comes to Benzonatate Dosage, you need to follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter. You can also ask your pharmacist about information you don’t understand about the drug. Make sure you don’t take in less or more than the prescribed amount.

To aid in swallowing, you can take the capsule with water. You should not chew or suck the capsule because it can be addictive. Doctors will know if you are taking it just for the “high” and not for its medical purpose. There is also a possibility of causing numbness in the tongue or choking if it is accidentally released in the mouth.

A few things you should tell your doctor to avoid serious side effects:

– If you are allergic to benzotate, Novovain or procaine, Pontocaine or tetracaine and other related medications;
– If you’re planning or you are already pregnant;
– If you have just given birth and you are currently breastfeeding;
– If you are on any type of prescription or non-prescription medications, nutritional supplements or vitamins; and
?If you will be going into surgery even if it is dental surgery as there will be similar anaesthetics they will use during surgery.