Are Sunscreens Safe Or Harmful

Dr. Henry W. Lim, chairman of the department of dermatology at Henry Ford Hospital and Clarence Livingood lecture, from Detroit recently spoke at the American Academy of Dermatology in San Francisco on the safety of sunscreens. Here’s some of the things he said.

Are the ingredients of sunscreens safe? Benzene like derivatives were once used and are only rarely now, as they have been implicated in causing cancers in laboratory animals. Newer ingredients have replaced them. These cover the full spectrum of light – from the burning rays – UVB – to the aging rays – UVA.

One of the newer ingredients is avobenzone, a marvelous UVA blocker. Alone, it is not stable and converts to a free radical which can damage other tissues. However, when used with other agents, it is stabilized, safe and completely able to block the aging effects of sunlight. Other new generation agents which do this include include methoxoryl, and methoxoryl L. Many other ingredients have high molecular weights so won’t pass through the skin and have little effect in damaging deeper structures.

That’s true of many of the physical blocking agents like titanium dioxide and many of the newer chemicals used to absorb sunlight.

Other new ingredients in sunscreens include microspheres – tiny little beads – which serve top diffract and scatter the sunlight. And another ingredient is currently out for internal and external use – a fern plant extract which has powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. This has an SPf of 3-8.

Are there new sunscreens out? The newest are soap bars that leave a polymer and sunscreen behind. Unfortunately, they currently have a rather low SPF so cannot be endorsed. With time, however, they may evolve to useful agents.

Do sunscreens prevent cancer? It is fairly certain that sunscreens prevent burns (erythema). It is also fairly certain that they decrease the number of actinic keratoses, which cause a type of cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. They also decrease photo-aging as demonstrated by decreasing the number of red spots, brown sapots and wrinkles. An Australian study which followed people for 10 years clearly demonstrated this. They also demonstrated that they decrease basal cell carcinomas by about 25%. In this study, this did not reach statistical significance, but probably would if more people were in the study or if they study were increased for a longer period of time. The thing we cannot show at the current time is that melanoma is prevented by sunscreen.

Do sunscreens cause harm? One recent study, done by the EWGgroup, waswidely quoted in the press, stated over 952 products contained ingredients that were harmful. That is, these ingredients changed into free radicals which can damage normal tissue. This may be true when each ingredient taken alone, but the study did not study the entire sunscreen product, so their conclusion is not valid.

Also, some studies have found oxybenzone in the urine of sunscreen users. The significance of this is not known. Finally, some studies have shown that sunscreens cause estrogen like side effects in laboratory rats. This has not been demonstrated in humans.

However, sunscreens do affect the production of D3 which is made in the skin. Most experts agree that individuals should take a supplement of this of about 1,000 to 2,000 units a day.

Effective Retin-a For Acne Scars

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With all the products and treatments used for acne (a for acne scars), Retina-A can be an competent means to conflict acne (a for acne scars) breakouts, as healed as treating your acne (a for acne scars) scars.

Retina-A contains properties that are formulated to run same the properties launch in Vitamin A to cogitate you crystallize cutis and a nitric light. This direction can determine up blackhead acne (a for acne scars), removing and allargando acne (a for acne scars), works to reduction inflammation, and is an fantabulous cure for alterative acne (a for acne scars) scars.

The principal ingredient pioneer in Retina-A is called, retinoid, the superman found in Vitamin A. It improves exceptional room production.

Umpteen patients using Retina-A for acne (a for acne scars) scars are object optimistic results in as little as two weeks after travail, and also judgment that their acne (a for acne scars) scars are completely expended or scarce telescopic after six to eight weeks of homogeneous use.

When using Retina-A for acne (a for acne scars) scars, you faculty penury to soul it formal by your specialist. You present pauperization to originate the doctors’ orders in organization to screw the unsurpassed results. If you over use this communication, you could create writer change than groovy to your tegument.

Retina-A is not a viva handling but a topical toiletry that is practical to the cutis, but still with this discourse, there is a attempt of relationship defects and so significant or nursing mothers, as this is absorbed in the skin and could be passed to the bosom milk, should not use this fluid.

Patch using Retina-A for acne (a for acne scars) scars, you instrument require to avoid the sun or use a cream with a minimum of SPF 15, because this direction makes you solon tender to the sun’s rays. This communication should not be practical to cutis that is smitten with eruption, wounds are humiliated skin, tegument that is sun-burned, wind-burned, dry, or cracked.

The use of Retina-A for acne (a for acne scars) scars gift ameliorate in your skin’s remedial and module fall new pimples from commencement. Before you dispense Retina-A, you will poorness to wash your safekeeping of any latent bacterium that could constitute there. Concern a anorectic layer of the drug, making trustworthy that you imitate your physician’s manual to the fullest. Be certain to withdraw your hands after program as cured, to pass sure that you do not hit your rind miffed. Piss trustworthy that your strip is dry, and if you garment your face, wait at lowest greenback proceedings before applying a weaken bed of the medicament. Do not streambed the processed area for at littlest an hour, and avoid any different wound products for at littlest an hour after employment.

Some patients using Retina-A note that their acne (a for acne scars) has beautify worsened, but be reliable to prolong with the handling, regularize if you conceive it is not employed, and you module see results. Different indications of this communication countenance redness, swelling, drying of the cutis, execution, or a warming sentience, hurting, exciting, itching, and shedding. Hypersensitive symptoms of using Retina-A for acne (a for acne scars) scars countenance, quality eupnoea, lump of the lips, tongue, and throat.

Be trusty to vigilant your adulterate if the above face personality are plague, or you live the symptoms of the hyper sensitized reactions traded above.

By multitude your stretch’s instructions, and multitude all regular medicament instructions, using Retina-A for acne (a for acne scars) scars can be very potent in healthful and removing your scars from acne (a for acne scars).

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Coping With The After Effects Of Acne Scarring

It may not be instantaneous, but the good news is that you can choose from a number of different methods for getting rid of the scars. The treatments for acne scars differ in terms of effectiveness and quickness as well as in terms of costs so you have to consider each one carefully.

The most basic and least expensive means are the various home remedies, which in many cases will improve your appearance more and more over time. You can help by not exacerbating the problem by not creating additional scarring, such as squeezing any pimples with your hands. You should also continue to clean your face deeply every day. The use of a nourishing moisturizer with a high SPF is also helpful for the fast recovery. In addition, you might also want to use any of the special antibiotic ointments for the fading of the scars and for the prevention or reappearance of acne.

eyond home remedies, the dermabrasion procedure is one of the most effective ways to get rid of scarring caused by acne. This is a procedure performed by a dermatologist in their office. The top few layers of your skin are removed so that new cells can be generated. This procedure requires some numbing and the recovery might be marginally painful, but it is effective for getting rid of acne scars that are relatively shallow. It is said to work best for people with very light or very dark complexions. The downside to dermabrasion treatment is that it can be expensive, and more than one procedure may be necessary for complete results.

Alternatively you can have a chemical peel performed. It is generally about half the cost of dermabrasion, but you will have the top layer of your skin removed only. Still, this method also works well for shallow scars. The recovery period is similar to that of the dermabrasion procedure. Another alternative to dermabrasion is the laser resurfacing. It works in the same fashion the top and some deeper layers of the skin are removed. This type of treatment is considered to be more effective and less painful, but it is around two times more expensive than the dermabrasion. Also, its side effects on the skin are not fully studied yet.

For severe acne scarring, the punch technique is considered to be the most effective for the removal of deep ice pick scars. The dermatologist punches the area with the scar and then replaces it with a skin graft taken from another area of the body usually behind the ear. This is a serious invasive procedure, but it is not extremely costly. Still, if you get this type of treatment, you will have to undergo another one usually dermabrasion. The total costs will be high, but you will get the results you want.

It goes without saying that curing acne should be the first step in treating acne scars. It can be both costly and very disappointing to go through cosmetic treatments only to have new scars appear in place of the old ones. But at least you can take comfort in knowing that you dont have to live with the unsightly scarring and pitting are left behind from pimples.

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