Alert! 8 Big Mistake In Get Rid of Acne

Stubborn acne will make you a headache. Exhausted all of the best method is still incurable.A lot of girls do not understand it, the available methods are used, why acne is still stubborn existence? Perhaps you do not know, your “get rid of acne” idea might be wrong!

Error 1: Whelk is not acne Acne is of course a part of acne, but studies have shown that even more important is that whelk is homologous with the acne and whelk could easily trigger the occurrence of acne, if not just want to eradicate whelk without cure acne is simply fish in the air.

Tips: Say goodbye to acne must be accompanied by acne treatment.

Error 2: Acne is a normal phenomenon With a high incidence of acne, but not normal. While 88% of people have been plagued by acne, it does not attach importance to the occurrence of acne, there may appear cropped up pimples overnight and all that ruin your perfect dating thing.

Tips: When there are several acne you need to treatment.

Error 3: Acne is caused due to fats, it will be fine when oils dissolved out.

Acne is not simply caused by grease, but by the composition of fats and horny.

Tips: There will be wrong inference if we think like that.

Error 4: Acne is a result of the face did not wash clean, as evidenced by the black blackheads. There are many factors cause acne, the most common reason is because the body, and the face has nothing to do do not wash clean.

Tips: Blackhead are black because of oxidation and air contact formed black, definitely not dirty.

Error 5: Cleansing Oil and wash your face can get rid of acne. Just talked about the formation of acne There are many factors, in addition to the surface of the skin problems, as well as some endocrine formed, simply use the Uninstall oil facial cleanser can not fundamentally solve the problem.

Tips: Do a good job cleaning the skin is very important, of course, but the most important thing are note endocrine problems.

Error 6: Acne problems can be resolved by regular deposition mask or exfoliating acne. Grease and horny inside the hair follicle are often intertwined, even if the oil can be dissolved out, or get rid of the surface of keratinocytes, sebaceous gland secretion from the fat fuse with horny quickly, so that the formation of acne again!

tips: Please do not think simply acne can be solved by just using one method.

Error 7: Pulled out, or suck out of acne can be resolved. Many people like to go to beauty salons or at home using their sticks to squeeze acne face acne, but more than these methods can only give you in a good mood a few days, since they are temporary, not long, you will In the original place to see acne resurrection againl.

Tips: Even more horrible is that if you do not have to master a good way, is likely to leave permanent scars on your face.

Error 8: You cann’t control your fate! In fact there has not solution in cure acne! Modern dermatology has developed a high concentration of acid, vitamin A derivatives, and so topical pharmaceutical drugs to eradicate acne, these drugs not only prevents hair follicle mouth of the dead cells blocking hair follicles due to abnormal keratosis extraoral, but also act on the connective tissue around the hair follicles to restore it to flexibility, so that it can to expand the diameter of the pores in order to spill sebum and prevent new acne generation, would eventually be able to remove it completely.

Tips: Normally it takes six weeks to see results, but also requires a doctor’s prescription, so many people are not unaware of (for example, did not go for medical treatment), is yet to see the effect and give up, thinking there is no way to solve this annoying problem of acne.

December 26, 2017 | Category: Acne