Tenet Healthcare Still Settling Katrina Cases

Over half a decade after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Tenet Healthcare Corp. has ultimately settled a class action lawsuit that had been filed against the corporation.

This class action suit mentioned that the healthcare firm which was taking care of patients at Memorial Medical Centre wasn’t prepared for the loss of electrical power following the storm.rm.

In addition to this, it had been explained how the company didn’t adhere to correct evacuation plans, and didn’t take additional needed emergency actions.

As soon as the power had been cut and the levees gave in, the middle of the town started to overflow, and temperatures inside rose to over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

This situation left employees and patients trapped without a way of opening the windows or getting aid. The center waited four days for rescuers to arrive, and consequently for many it was too late.

Forty-five bodies had been collected from the medical centre after the storm, the highest quantity from any medical center in the region.

Due to the overwhelming number of deaths, the medical center was placed under significant critique. The Louisiana Attorney General, Charles Foti had three physicians arrested for second-degree murder.

Just after going to the courts, the doctors were discharged, and one of them is already in the process of suing Foti for damage and defamation to her career.

Nevertheless, the employer of those three physicians, Tenet Healthcare Corp. has been in the courts for class actions a number of times since Hurricane Katrina.

They have settled eleven other court cases handling the fundamental matter of neglect. The most current lawsuit which achieved a settlement on Wednesday was concerning Preston and Tenet.

A spokesman for Tenet has claimed the arrangement is “amicable” though no official information have been revealed since the judge still needs to accept the ruling.

All in all, Tenet Healthcare Corp. had to pay over $150 million in damages during the hurricane. Half a dozen of Tenet’s hospitals had been damaged, and the firm had planned to sell several of them around the New Orleans region prior to 2007.

This has been a hard number of years for the Preston family and for the New Orleans region generally. Because of in excess of 1,800 deaths and over $80 billion in damages, the “Big Easy” is still rebuilding even now.

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