Walking Beneficial For Overall Health

Walking one of the simplest activity which we can do every day in order to keep yourself fit and fine. Therefore every one must know the health benefit of walking.

We all know that a new week is about to begin and in that if you are suffering from obesity or if you want to reduce your weight and other health problem then you must take a resolution to set your week with some fitness program that will help you to reduce your weight and other health problem.

Following are top ten health benefit of walking:

1. It is a best exercise for fat burning. It is observed that if you walk for about 30 to 45 minutes, it will help you to burn your fat. And if you walk for six times in week along with healthy diet you will find a great change in your body as well as in your weight.

2. Walking is beneficial for your heart health, as it helps to reduce the blood pressure and also boost the blood circulation and cardiovascular functions. Therefore if you go for regular walk then you will hardly suffer from any heart disease. But also take a healthy diet with it.

3. Regular Walking helps to boost stamina. It is observed that walking with good speed improve the strength of muscle and endurance.

4. It also helps to promote mental health as walking is best stress buster. Therefore you must try to go out for walking as fresh air and exercise helps to boost your mood and make you feel happier and healthier.

5. Walking is good for bones health as it helps to strengthening your bones which actually helps to increase the bone density and slows down the process of bone loss also helps to avoid the problem of osteoporosis.

6. Walking is good for type 2 diabetes patient. As per the studies it is observed that walking for around 150 minutes is beneficial in order to prevent form diabetes and thus because of this many health expert highly recommend to anyone who has history of diabetes in their family.

7. Walking helps to prevent form breast and colon cancer. The studies say that regular walking helps to reduce the risk of having breast and colon cancer.

8. It is better than running. As per the health expert it is believe that walking is best than running as it is easier for our knees and joints. But running can lead to fewer injuries if you are just starting to exercise.

9. Walking is a simple exercise which anyone can do it. It is really a democratic exercise as anyone at any age can perform it perfectly.

10. The best part is walking is free form of exercise but must buy good walking shoes for that.