Ways To Help If You’ve Been Diagnosed With Cancer.

A person newly diagnosed with cancer needs help as they will be in shock and will blindly follow the authority without stopping and applying any common sense. A person newly diagnosed does indeed need all the help they can get so lets look at what you can do to help overcome the problem of cancer.

Here in this article you will find genuine help with facts and information on cancer, so you can learn a little about the disease and can then select your best treatment options.

When one is first diagnoses with cancer one is completely bewildered as why they got it. Its because we dont have cancer prevention today except being told not to smoke and dont get sunburnt, where as cancer has many causes and its help with this information you need. That unwanted growth grew for a reason and it grew because we are not told all the factors that cause it.

Cancer is related to the way we live, especially with the consumption of the many foods we eat on a daily bases that are not suitable for the human body. Proof of that is cancer is not evenly distributed around the world and is only a major problem in developed countries where as it is rare in undeveloped counties where people eat a more natural diet. Treatments today are solely focused on removing the cancer growths but give scant regard to the all important reason why it first grew. That is why it often returns. They havent addressed the underlying cause of the problem.

Cancer does not have a single cause but has dozens of causes and one needs to look at all of these.

Step 1; Change the food you eat as what we eat everyday is the foundation of our health. We humans are designed to eat freshly grown fruit and vegetables, some whole grains and nuts. Of course our diets today have strayed far from those foods and most of the food we now consume contain fat, salt or refined sugar, which are all known contributors to cancer. A strict natural diet is of paramount importance.

Step 2; Exercise is very important to a person that has been diagnosed with cancer as we are designed to be active. Exercise boosts the immune system, our built in repair system which keeps us healthy and cancer is simply a disease of a weak immune system that has been weakened by the way we live. A strong immune system not only keeps us healthy but will attack and remove cancer cells.

Step 3; Remove all chemicals that we surround ourselves with now days. Many of these chemicals affect us and none have been tested for long term effects like cancer. Personal care products are probably the worst as we apply them directly to our skin and the chemicals are then absorbed into our body through our pores. There are many others including fly sprays which we all believe to harmless but are all contributing to weakening our immune system.

Step 4; Many people newly diagnosed with cancer have had a major disruption in their life like a personal tragedy or a financial crisis and its this emotional stress that can have a devastating affect on the immune system. My suggestion here is to seek the help of a professional councillor and help work through the problem.

Step 5; More important than eating the correct food is to remove the unsuitable food that we consume every day. Processed food is nutritionally dead food as many of them contain refined sugar. Refined sugar is cancer cells natural source of energy and that fact was proven way back in 1931.

Our orthodox treatments today reflect the way we live, meaning, we just want to rid the body of these unwanted growths as quickly as possible and radiation and chemotherapy are good at that, to some degree.

A natural approach to cancer can be quite demanding as it requires big lifestyle changes, especially with the food we eat. But millions of people worldwide have successfully cured themselves by making these changes and have become cancer free. Curing cancer is easier if youre mentally prepared and fully educated on the subject.

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